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Getting the best out of real estate deals – 4 Tips

So you are into investment and none of the options seem to be good enough. If that is so, you can turn to real estate for getting some good returns on the same. However, it would still be important for you to start slow and at a small scale, for real estate investment though it seems is simple, is not in actuality that simple an option. Therefore, the best start off option is to work on improving your knowledge…


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Direct Hard Money for Investors in Atlanta, Birminghham, Kansas City, St. Louis and Charlotte

We are a hard money lender based in Atlanta.  We primarily lend on 1-4 family properties but also do some small balance commercial lending.  Our loans are collateral based.  Rehab loans, Cash-Out Refi, Financing for Wholesale Flips and Purchase Money Only.  Feel free to visit our site below or call 678-920-1829 to discuss your scenario.  We can lend in other locations on a case by case basis. …


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We have a very profitable condo project in Pattaya, Thailand.

The project is estimated to cost € 21 million and is completed in 3 years.

We are looking for an investor with € 2 million in cash and we are prepared to pay  15% interest or make a profitshare.

No brokers, please!

Contact details: prefstrup@gmail.com

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Commercial Real Estate Direct non-bank lending and Intermediary lending Marcus Millichap Capital Corp.

We have direct sources for multi-family, office buildings, retail, student housing and mini-storage facilities.

Serious inquiries please contact me. Stephanie Adkins, Associate Director, Houston, Texas (713) 452-4277

Thank you.

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Residential and Commercial Funding Available

 work directly with a lender and we offer the following funding programs:

$100% financing/bond funding.  This funding is 100% financing, but, the principal must be able to be able to pay for the underwriting, due diligence and appraisal fees.  We charge NO UPFRONT FEES to review a transaction.  After reviewing the transaction, we submit it to underwriting and we do a conference call.  We do some "Q & A" with the client and at the end, the client…


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BRIC LLC will be able to consider a mixed-use property mortgage up to 70% LTV. Finalized LTV’s together with interest rates are determined by experience of the owner, time period of possession, cash flow, level of credit, as well as strength of properties. BRIC LLC. Certainly consider either owner occupied or investment, when it comes to a mixed-use building mortgage

I highly recommend you take just a few seconds to take a look at our business website (…


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 BRIC LLC commercial financing says “yes” every time your local bank states positively “no.”

The moment the economy slowed together with other commercial financial institutions began ignoring more loan applications, BRIC still said absolutely yes. The simple reason? We take a “common sense” method of underwriting. We’re in a position to make decisions on commercial real estate mortgage loans and business financing options in accordance with the borrower’s over-all story, and not simply…


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Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Efficient energy , sometimes simply called energy efficiency, is the goal of efforts to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services. For example, insulating a home allows a building to use less heating and cooling energy to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature. Installing fluorescent lights or natural skylights reduces the amount of energy required to attain the same level of illumination compared with using traditional incandescent light bulbs. Compact… Continue

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Don’t let defaulted loans kill you – Find ways to break free of them!

Everyone is likely to need loans at some point of life or other. People take out loans not out of choice, but out of necessity so that they can meet their urgent financial requirements. Taking out loans is always a good idea as long as you’re paying them back on time. Problems arise when people fail to make loan payments and fall under debts. Loans not paid on time are called …


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BRIC LLC…Commercial Finance

BRIC LLC.. is the perfect match for commercialized real-estate owners with properties like:

• Warehouses

• Apartment complexes

• Retail, office building or mixed-use buildings

• Funeral homes

• Hotels and motels

• Auto service shops and more

I highly recommend you take just a few seconds to stop by our website (www.thebric.com) and drop us a communication or perhaps give a call and a small business loan…


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Financing & Real Estate

Cant't Get Approved?

USe Our Credit! Use Our 700 FICO To Buy, Refi, Cash Out……


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funding partnering

I am looking to Partner 50/50 with funding group/individual who intrest themselves in land, MF and commercial office buildings.  interested with either buy and hold long term and producing cashflow, ROI and/or sell and distribute land parcels in different sizes to business owners looking to expand or developers who need more business availability.  CONTACT me for those who are and may be interested in North…


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Real Estate Funding Available

Craigslist Ad 12

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Chicago home prices about to catch up with the rest of the country

Chicago home prices have been catching up with the rest of the country. The S&P released Shiller home price index for the October case states something like that both for Chicago as well as the rest of the nation. Moreover, prices were obviously seen to slip as it’s so normal at this time of the year. However, the prices had slipped,…


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Commercial Real Estate Projects Funding

Commercial RE Projects need funding? I mediate loans between Principal & Private Investors in USA & Canada $250k-$500m. Principals only, no brokers email barbrealtyconsultant@yahoo.com

I don’t shop your deals. I am direct to private investors. The investors don’t fund start-up/seed capital. A proper due-diligence will be conducted on the project. Serious Inquiries only.

Types of loans:

100% JV Venture Equity Financing, Non-Recourse Loans for Multi-Family…


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Cash Out Commercial Loans No Upfront Fees – Winston Rowe & Associates

With a core focus on commercial property loans over $500 thousand with no limit.

Winston Rowe & Associates provides a diverse product mix, an innovative cash out commercial lending platform.

Winston Rowe & Associates is a national no upfront fee finance and advisory firm with a staff of seasoned, experienced professionals that utilized a private banking best business practices business model.

If you would like more information about Winston Rowe &…


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As a self-employed business owner, are you aware that we specialize in small business loans?


If not, please allow me this opportunity to inform you that BRIC LLC is a lender who understands the unique needs of commercial property owners.  Our longevity and lending capabilities can provide you with a loan suited to your individual requirements.


We offer a “NO INCOME VERIFICATION” loan.  That means that we aren’t interested in the numbers that…


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New Year – New Regulations


New Year – New Regulations

Loan Structure in My Office

(Click video link to watch short entertaining and informative video about my Northern California loan program:



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*100% Financing* A Unique Investing Option.

Invest without cash?? *100% Financing* A Unique Investing Option. Startups OK. In today’s market, “no money down” financing is almost unheard of. However, there are lenders who actively seek out

those who have great credit and have a need. The uses are endless. Some examples: real estate investing, food trucks, franchises, equipment purchases, even providing a cash flow cushion for small businesses. There are no restrictions to use the…


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Seeking To Purchase A Class “A” Office Building In California Or New York

Seeking To Purchase A Class "A" Office Building With The Following Parameters:

Purchase Price: Unlimited

Financing: All Cash Without Contingencies

Minimum Capitalization Rate: Discretionary

Geographic Areas: Prefer Major Markets of California or New York

Asset Condition: Prefer Stabilized

Closing/Settlement: Expedited


Joe Curcio

Cellular Telephone: 1 (917) 783-0099

E-Mail: jpcio@mail.com

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