This website is here for the purpose of connecting those looking for real estate funding with the people and/or companies that provide real estate funding. The Real Estate Finance Website itself does not provide funding of any kind. This website is yours to use as a social media-type business funding website.

The owner or Administrator of this website may offer funding but does not lend his own money or guarantee financing to anyone, for any purpose. In the current economy, with inflation skyrocketing and our "President" inviting as much evil as possible into America, you need to be aware that lies, fakes, and financial scams are everywhere. That being said, please do your own due diligence and verify all funding sources before you provide any personal information about you or your clients. Do not give out social security numbers, credit card numbers, or financial information without knowing exactly who you are dealing with.

The Real Estate Finance Website has some great funding sources but just like any other website with thousands of users, there are scams and it is impossible for me to weed out all the garbage from this or any website. Yes you can get funding here on The Real Estate Finance Website and many have but please be careful who you give money or information to. Even when using the Top Funding Sources members, please make sure you know who you are dealing with. These are people I, Monty, have never met in person. Many of them I message with and feel very good about but these are individuals that paid me to be listed. We simply copy/paste their information that is written by them, not me or our Admin.

Use this website to find and offer real estate funding but please do your own due diligence.

Happy Funding!


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