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Our program is an INVESTOR SERVICE PROGRAM which gives you the invaluable opportunity of being financed at AAA Investor Credit Rates to Purchase, Refinance or Cash-Out real estate properties regardless of any credit issues which to date have prevented you from doing so. Our goal is to help you, for a reasonable fee, to do any of the above under much better terms and conditions than those you could get on your own if you have credit problems.

In our Program Your Credit IS NOT an Issue

Q. How does it work?

A: Under our 24 month, Lease Back Purchase- Option Service Agreement, following your instructions, we will purchase any property that you point out to us, using our credit to finance it making sure we obtain for your benefit the market’s best Private Lending available interest rates, terms and conditions. Immediately after COE we will transfer the property to you, for EXACTLY THE SAME PRICE as we bought it through our Equitable Title, 24 month Lease- Back Purchase —Option Agreement thus making you the legal owner subject only to your punctual fulfillment of the payment terms of the Existing Financing. You will be responsible of making the corresponding mortgage payments to Service the mortgage loan(s) under our name. You will take possession by paying only two (2) month’s payments (deposit and current). The mortgage loan(s) can stay under our name only for the length of the 2 year contract. Within the contract’s 24 month term, at any time, you can substitute our financing with your own or, after making only 12 on-time, consecutive monthly payments, you will be able to take it over, that is, assume our loan in your name since by paying only 12 on-time, consecutive monthly payments you will have created a payment history and track record acceptable to the mortgage lender. All soft cost associated with the Purchase are on your account.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Much, much less than being financed at damaged credit consumer sub-prime interest rates. You will literally save hundreds of thousands of dollars! Mortgage payments are much, much lower when financed at AAA Private Lender Investor’s Rates. Also, consider that with our program in many cases you’ll be able to obtain 100% financing!

Our fee is only 15% of whatever mortgage amount you instruct us to obtain to purchase or refi the subject property. A $5,000.00 Initial Retainer is required as Advance Deposit towards the final import of our 15% fee. The pending balance of our fee is to be paid at the subject property’s Close of Escrow and it can be part of the purchase transaction.

Q. How long does it take?

A. No more than 4-6 weeks from the moment the subject property’s transaction is under Escrow at the Lender’s choice of Title Company or settling agency.

Important Notice:

Being a Party in a Lease-Back Purchase-Option Contract at no time and under no circumstances shall be construed as creating or establishing a "Buyer's Agent", "Licensed Real Estate Agent(s)" or "Loan Officer(s)", relationship with ANYONE at Optimized Cash Flow.


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Interested? Call today if you require any additional information and/or to sign up.

Francisco De La Chesnaye, dba,

OCF Private Lending

Noble Park, 5353 W Desert Inn Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89146

Phone: 702 605 0220 - Fax: 702 – 446 1449

Use Our 700 FICO Buy, Refi, Cash Out…


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