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If your (A) Plan for funding failed? Plan (B) Funding Options can help!

Hello from Plan B Funding Options LLC 


It is a fact that Now!, is the perfect time to obtain the funding you need while direct lenders and equity and private investors are flush with new capital and are looking for new projects that are risk worthy to invest and lend before the end of 2020!

*Just to let you know, 98% of our very large & time-tested funding network (many of our funding partners have been funding our clients for over a decade) our funding…


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No Darn Restrictions Here – Recently Helped Borrowers

No Darn Covid Regs With Our Loans

Tired of not getting quick loan approval?

Let us help you with our Hard Money loan programs, just as we were able to help those below!

Our alternative financing programs do not have any additional regulations that…


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I have a client, that is a whole loan note buyer.  They are focus on acquiring portfolios of performing and non-performing bridge loans, fix & flip loans and hard money loans.

Property Types:  1-4 family, including houses, townhomes, condos, and manufactured housing, commercial loans secured by multifamily, mixed-use, and light industrial assets will also be considered.

Lending Area:  Nationwide except for Ca & Hi.                                       …


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What are you doing to help others this holiday season?

There are a lot of 6 figure income earners on this website I am sure. I am looking for ideas and would like to know what all of you are doing to help others this holiday season? Are you doing things to benefit the homeless out in the cold, disadvantaged children, your friends and loved ones? I would love some ideas on what I can personally do to help others?


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If a post or comment begins with the following words, I would run the other way:

Good day, Am a private lender, Are you looking for a US based lender, or if someone calls themselves Mr, Mrs, or calls you Sir or Madame. All these are red flags that shout scam, or at the very least, someone from outside of this country. Also, if their phone number is posted showing a number 1 before the area code, this is a RED FLAG!

If their email address is a…


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I own this website. Just for fun... Here are my thoughts (from someone that has closed more loans than you)

If you are a Mortgage Broker, JUST CALL YOURSELF A BROKER!

If you are "direct to the check writer", why don't you just call yourself a Broker? A Broker is someone that "brokers" a transaction. For those that lie or are embarrassed that they are Brokers, that means that if you do not either write the check, wire the funds personally, or work for a company that writes the check or wires funds, then YOU ARE A BROKER!!!

"Direct to the check writer?" That means that you are not…


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