BRIC LLC commercial financing says “yes” every time your local bank states positively “no.”
The moment the economy slowed together with other commercial financial institutions began ignoring more loan applications, BRIC still said absolutely yes. The simple reason? We take a “common sense” method of underwriting. We’re in a position to make decisions on commercial real estate mortgage loans and business financing options in accordance with the borrower’s over-all story, and not simply the numbers on paper. Max LTV is 70%...

 • Warehouses
• Apartment buildings
• Retail, office or perhaps mixed-use buildings
• Funeral homes
• Hotels as well as motels
• Auto repair shops even more

I highly recommend you take just a few seconds to take a look at our business website (  ( and drop us a message or call so that a small business loan product professional will certainly get in touch with you to take a look at how we are able to help.

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