People ask me literally all the time, on here and other places, where to invest their money. I am not a Financial Advisor and do not have much use for them but I do have a few thoughts...

This is my opinion mixed with a few facts. It is not actual financial advise:

Over time the average rate of return for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (the Stock Market), as a whole, is 5.565% per year. Unless you have trash like Joe Biden as your President, that easily outpaces inflation and makes you money. If you support Biden, blame yourself and the other communists for our adjusted inflation rate which finally dipped a shade below 9% this month.

Over time, Residential Real Estate properties have an average annual appreciation of 10.6 percent

On 1/1/2015 the total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization was $5.486 Billion. Today, according to Coin Market Cap, it is $1.167 Trillion. 

Can you do the math? That means if you invested $100 in Cryptocurrency as a whole on 1/1/2015 you would now have $21,272.33. If you had invested $1,000 on January 1, 2015 and spread it evenly around the 18 Cryptocurrencies that were in existence at that time, you would now have $212,723. That is a very nice return! 

Does the above mean that you should put all your money into Crypto??? NO! 

Please do not do that!!! This is just information I compiled from my own research to give you the statistics on investing. It is just to show you that there are many places to invest your money. 

I truly wish I could tell you where to put your hard earned money right now because I would, but I can get in trouble if things go wrong since I am unlicensed, just more informed than the people holding those licenses. What I will say is this:

Although I invest in all three (Stock Market, Crypto, Real Estate) I have not bought real estate since 2018. If you look at historical data you could foresee a real estate dip coming. It has already started to happen across the country, with a few exceptions. I bought a house in Idaho where I used to live back in April 2018 for $354,000. On March 1, 2022 it's market value was over $720,000. That is amazing! About 2 weeks ago I accepted an offer, after lowering the price twice in three weeks, of $610,000. I owe less than half that. Still a nice return but markets crash so be careful. The real estate dip in Florida, specifically the Sarasota, Tampa, St. Petersburg areas, is just now starting. A little later than Idaho because Idaho grew too fast. This is mainly due to good politics and a stronger job market in that state. Many of the good people of California, Washington, and other anti-American states fled to Idaho. Florida is a much bigger state population-wise than Idaho but grows for those reasons as well as many people including me consider it paradise. Either way it is going down now and just started a few weeks ago. For that reason I am renting my current house in Sarasota and will move north towards Tampa in a few weeks and rent again. I do not want to buy a place for $600,000 and have it be worth $450,000 in a year. I will buy again in 6 to 12 months when I see where the market in my state is headed and nobody can truly say until we have a few months of statistics to back it up. My point is this, if you want to make money investing in ANYTHING, do your own research and read past statistics to see what will happen. That is why in the end I always make money. That is why many of you lose money, because you see someone say a certain Crypto is up 10% so you go buy it, then 48 hours later it is down 15% and you just lost thousands of dollars. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND YOU HAVE A MUCH BETER CHANCE OF FINANCIAL SUCCESS.

Now, if you want financial advise from me personally, there is a way I can help. I started an Instagram account a couple days ago and was going to use that to generate publicity for a YOUTUBE.COM series on how to make money that I was going to start but since nobody is following me on Instagram I am putting that on hold. If you can go ahead and follow my new account, my first and only account, on Instagram "Montyinflorida", that will show me that people are sick of not knowing how to make money and will inspire me if I get enough followers to teach you how to make real money with investing (through There you will see me in person speaking my own thoughts and I would be able to give you actual opinions on what to do to make much more money than you are now. I won't do that unless I get enough Instagram followers to justify making my own financial series so please go to Instagram and follow Montyinflorida. Show me you want to make money with investing! Enough Instagram followers will justify the work on my end to create an entire series to help you all earn more money through investing. What I did above is just post statistics so you can make your own decisions. If you want to really know what to do with those statistics, and how to make more money, start by following me on Instagram. This is a free way to help you!

That is enough for now. Follow me on Instagram. I have literally about 16 followers so join me!



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Comment by Tina Mendoza on August 14, 2022 at 11:55am

Thank you for these statistics. I am not on IG but I am happy to join and follow you. My daughter will be visiting me this week and I will have her create an account for me. How many followers do you need there before you will make your youtube videos on investing?

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