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Private Money Structuring


This is a recorded a 40+ minute all-content video called: 

"Private Money Structuring – How to Get Lenders to Chase You".


In this video,  it shows you:

-          Breakdown of typical financing avenues for real estate deals

-          3 Ways to structure private money deals, with examples

-          A slick way to borrow money from people who don't have money to lend

-          A way to structure private…


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11 Ways Hard Money Loans Allow for More Deals and Higher Profits


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The Beginner's Guide to Hard Money Loans


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Are you honestly interested in receiving loan from a private lender, Search no more as Earl Financial Services-EFS is willing to offer you the loan you need with the below requirement.

** fund worldwide with interest as 6% .

** Monthly repayment of interest and principle amount with affordable repayment .

** Repayment  of monthly interest only with final balloon payment of principal Amount.

** No Pre-payment penalty for early loan payoff.

** Non Collateral…


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      Special opportunity for real estate agents and dealers who are in need of financial support. Apply for loan amount from $10,000 to 20 million, Cash America loan's is ready to assist you in any way possible.

For more information kindly email me :

Hope to hear from you soon

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Commercial mortgages 300,000 to 5,000,000 nationwide

Commercial mortgages on all types of income properties nationwide   300,000 to 5,000,000  nationwide   apartments, shopping centers, offices, industrial properties and mixed use properties  Bank lending programs and lending for deals with credit or property issues. 

Please email loan request summary to and the website is…


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Real Estate Debt and Equity Placement Advisors

RE Capital Partners Capital is pleased to offer a new service for real estate operators who seek equity for their projects.  If you and your property qualify, we will actively engage with you to raise what you need to close your project.   We can help you secure $100k to over $100 million of capital.

RE Capital Partners Capital serves as a partner in the acquisition or recapitalization of select income properties. We offer:

  • Equity Placement with a proper capital…

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Hi Everyone. My name is Stelios Dimakos and I am here to provide financial assistance to anyone in need of Loan. I lend between $10,000.00 and $5Million.

Apply for a loan with me and begin the new year with financial freedom.

I loan to individuals and corporate bodies at the rate of 4% interest rate.

Best Wishes;…


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Construction Loans Programs

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Free Real Estate Investing Software

Hey, I have an amazing resource to give you today:


Your FREE real estate investing software 


This is unlike anything you have seen and will

totally take your investing to a whole new level!


What can this free software help you do?

Well for…


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Closed first mortgage on investment real estate so borrower can exit Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Dip Lending, LLC is pleased to announce that it has just closed a commercial real estate loan first mortgage in New Jersey for a real estate investors that was in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.   We were pleased to provide them with the financing they needed to pay off their existing lender and exit Bankruptcy.  According to Jack Miller, “When I spoke to the borrowers last evening after closing she could not stop thanking me and told me tonight will be the first night she sleeps well in years thanks…


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Real Estate Program


Bill Bentley Eagle Financial Solutions

Office: 303-805-4229

Fax: 800-595-4184.






I am an…


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The Key Attributes You Want In A Hard Money Broker

Having a local, truly experienced and educated Hard Money Broker behind you for your purchase or refinance is more important than you may think.

A recent Hard Money article in Trust Deed Capital BLOG covers the importance of this quite nicely.  Titled "Qualities of Top Hard Money…


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Proof of Funds in Escrow Account Available both Domestically and Internationally

Do you have a project where you need to show "Proof of Funds"?  If so, we can help.  

There is no maximum amount.  We can and have capability of showing Proof of Funds into the $100's of Millions.

Please email us at

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Why would you ever want to call an attorney about real estate?

Why would you ever want to call an attorney about real estate?

Would you like to participate    

It’s been said that if you had 100 million dollars, it would be wise to spend 1…


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construction development and energy project financing

construction and energy project financing   1,000,000 and above   financing for resorts and hotels and marinas  domestic and international  mining projects and oil and gas projects  international project financing  please email loan request to  and the website is  telephone is 619-302-8061 

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Seed Money

I have a client in the Caribbean seeking $100K seed money on a short term, 3 months max. I'm under contract to provide project oversight. The client has a bridge, and construction financing commitments in place. The seed is to retain all professional services, and retain his consultants. If this is of interest, contact me.

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Who Need to Closed Before the End of 2015? Lets Get Started.



Have you been denied financing from Banks or other Alternative Lenders? Need to refinance your commercial building or Land? Have a commercial purchase loan for a distressed or cash flowing property that you need to close fast? Have a portfolio of Single Family Homes or Apartment Complexes or other commercial property you want to buy or refinance? Facing a balloon note or foreclosure and need to refinance? Do you need to buy a partner out or…


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Tips To Become A Real Estate Investor

I read an article about Warren Buffett's saving advice and I immediately thought of the many private investors I work with  - and the many individuals who are interested/may be interested in being a private investor in California real estate.



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