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Have you been denied financing from Banks or other Alternative Lenders? Need to refinance your commercial building or Land? Have a commercial purchase loan for a distressed or cash flowing property that you need to close fast? Have a portfolio of Single Family Homes or Apartment Complexes or other commercial property you want to buy or refinance? Facing a balloon note or foreclosure and need to refinance? Do you need to buy a partner out or have a stalled project that needs funding to complete? Have a loan in place but short on down payment but seller is willing to carry a second mortgage? Need a 2nd mortgage on a commercial property of 2MM or more? Have poor credit and seeking a loan based on the property not credit? Need financing for a fix and flip or buy and hold residential or commercial property? This is a small list of financial solutions we are able to solve. We can usually help out with our vast network of investors and our knowledge and experience.

John Broussard
Account Executive
Newbridge Investments 
Direct: 832-429-4389

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