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Real Estate Continues to be the Best Investment

Even when inflation is high like today, Americans recognize owning a home is a powerful financial decision. Because inflation has reached its highest level in 40 years, it is more important than ever to understand the benefits of home ownership. Rising inflation means prices are increasing across every commodity, and that includes goods, services, housing costs, and more. When you buy a home, you lock in your biggest budgetary item each month.

For 9 years in a row Americans have…


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North Bay Real Estate Statistics for May 2022

With interest rates rising and inventory falling, it is no surprise that we found this May very different from last May.  Here’s a snapshot of what happened in three of the North Bay counties last month in single-family residence sales:

Sonoma County: 

  • 492 Sold (22% fewer than 2021)
  • 416 New Listings (40%…

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Current State of the Market – A Message from the Broker – June Edition

Over the last thirteen years real estate has been in a Bull market, which changed the way that we look at the 7-year cycle that previously rang true. This heating and cooling of the market, low interest rates, and removal of subprime loans has created something better and different than before.

Some of the gains have been:

  • Larger equity increases across the entire state
  • Record low default and foreclosure rates
  • High demand / Low Inventory
  • An…

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Loan turned down elsewhere? We Can Help!

Turned Down Elsewhere?

We Can Help Get You Fast Loan Approval!

See our recent blog about current market conditions:…


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Why is there a housing shortage?

One of the hottest topics in the world of real estate today is the shortage of available homes.  There are just too many Buyers and not enough Sellers.  This means good news for Sellers, not so much for Buyers.  But as life begins to return to normal, that may begin to change.

If we look for the root cause(s) of this shortage, we find the…


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Why Not Just Quick and Direct?!

Our Direct Private Money loans can get that refinance or purchase loan done when a traditional Lender unfortunately cannot.  And, we can QUICKLY FUND!

Recently Funded…


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So, You Want to Build an ADU in California?

For a variety of reasons, thousands of California Homeowners are adding Accessory Dwelling Units to their property. Whether it is for housing adult kids, aging parents, or another source of income, these smaller homes can be built for a fraction of the cost of a new house and can be installed relatively quickly.

These units are viewed as part…


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Resolve Loan Issues Quick – What A Mouthful!

At Sun Pacific Mortgage we resolve lending issues – for investment properties & primary residences alike!  We’ve helped many Brokers, Lenders and their Borrowers find a comfortable way out of seemingly impossible situations, like we recently did below:

Loan of the…


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Behind the Scenes – at Sun Pacific Mortgage

A newsletter to current and future Investors at Sun Pacific Mortgage

For over 34+ years in the lending business, we have always viewed our Investors as our biggest asset.  Without…


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A Bridge To The Future – Private Money

Private Money – The Bridge To A Future Home

After 34 years of experience, we are specialists at helping bridge the distance for individuals who need additional financing to buy a…


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The Pros and Cons of Waiting Out the Hot Housing Market

Just as the pandemic put a temporary damper on the housing market, so too did the jump in mortgage rates. But just as the economic shut down didn’t have a lasting effect on the market, neither will this increase in mortgage rates. And the reason is the same – very little inventory. There are still more Buyers than Sellers and that is driving the…


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Unique Loans for Investment and Business Purpose!

We’re Direct Lenders – The Guys In The White Hats

Take advantage of our Private Money Programs if you are in need of FAST financing.  We can also help if their debt-to-income…


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Sonoma County May Real Estate Status

Analysts, Economists, and Industry Commentators have much, and sometimes divergent, opinions about the present and future of real estate in Sonoma County. They all agree, however, that sales data in the coming months should provide more concrete indicators of the market condition.

The experts have commented that when hot markets shift to cooler, the effects are typically reflected in reductions in multiple offers, overbidding, and the number of homes going into escrow. All these…


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HOT Financing – Lower Rates From Us

Our Hot Private Money Program

Are you just short of qualifying for your traditional “A-paper” loan for a refinance or purchase? Let our HOT …


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Why is the Housing Supply So Low?

At the top of the question list for Buyers last year and this year is, “Why is it so hard to find a house to buy?”  Simply stated:  The number of Buyers greatly outstrips the homes available for sale. There are two main reasons the housing supply is low and what it may mean for…


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What Will the Housing Market Look Like as the Rates Rise?


The short answer to this persistent question is, “Nobody knows.”  This statement comes from Edward Seller, Associate Vice President for Housing Economics at the Mortgage Bankers Association.

So, where does that leave the everyday Homebuyer with rents soaring faster and steeper than mortgages? One Redfin Realtor said that she hears people are…


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How To Bridge The Distance Right!

Bridge The Distance with Private Money

Do you or someone you know want to consolidate debt?  How about upgrade your house, purchase a rental for additional income, get your kid…


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What Factors Today are Having the Biggest Effect on Housing?

Some might consider interest rates to have the most influence on the housing market, but that is only one factor in a confluence of factors including: local economic conditions, financial markets, housing affordability, consumer confidence, inflation, migration, the pandemic, war, debt, and government policies. Each of these conditions can have major…


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Want To Get A Refinance Done?

Hold Onto That Loan With Private Money

If you or someone you know are having a tough time getting that refinance or purchase loan done, give us a chance to help you hold onto that…


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California Home Prices Got Pricier During 2021

The real estate market in California mirrored the rest of the country in 2021. Home prices increased by double digits in the more affordable areas, such as Sacramento and Riverside. The San Francisco Bay area had more modest increases, due in part to Buyers being anxious to relocate to more affordable, suburban areas. The San Francisco housing market…


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