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Top Reasons For Hard Money This Summer

  1. It’s Fast!

    We have done many refinances and purchase loans in less than a week.
  2. Only TWO main qualifications for a Hard Money Loan!

    A. Equity or a decent down payment.

    B. An ability to repay the loan (source of income).
  3. Credit Score not generally a…

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Four Things Parents Should Consider Before Buying a Home

Parents shopping for a home have different considerations than other demographics.  As parents, their primary concern is the safety and well-being of their children, at the same time, they are also concerned with the happiness of the entire family.

Most buyers start their home search with a list of “must-haves”.  When children are a…


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We are excited to announce our hot summer Hard Money loan programs!

Program Attributes:

– Fast Funding – Many closed in less than 5 days

– Loans from $150,000 to $1.5 Million

– All property conditions accepted

– Difficult-to-prove income and FICO scores not an issue

– Can…


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Why Do Most People Invest in Rental Real Estate?

With Spring comes an uptick in serious buyers looking to invest in property, each with their own agenda.  Among the most common reasons buyers will tell you that they have chosen this type of investment, five stand out as most common:

  1. Cash Flow: Buyers are looking for a monthly cash…

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Recently Funded – Let’s Crush Summer Together!

We can CRUSH those slow loan approvals and overcome loan disapproval with our Hard Money programs!

Let us help you overcome all your summer alternative financing needs for real estate purchases and refinances. Read below to see some of our recently funded loans.

And Call Us today at (707) 523-2099 to see how we can help you, a friend or a…


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Why Are Millennials Buying Now?

A recent study of Millennial buyers examined the reasons they are choosing to buy a home at this time.  Here are the results:

  1. To Control their Living Space – 93%

Many a renter has dreamt of painting their space to reflect their personal style. Some Millennials yearn for a pet they are prohibited from owning because of…


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Set Up Your Summertime Financing – Loan of the Week

“[Sun Pacific] did a fantastic job. They were honest, straightforward, to the point, loyal to the borrowers, and got me a 24-hour turnaround from docs to having a full package! They were very professional and loyal to their word.  I would recommend anyone to go there for business!” C.M.

Santa Rosa Rush…


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The 2 R’s: Real Estate and Retirement

More and more baby boomers are arriving at retirement age and are facing the question: “To sell or to stay?”.  A wise step to take at this juncture is to evaluate your home’s ability to adapt to your retirement needs. Below are some of the factors that a National Board of Realtors have suggested:

  • Affordability:  Would moving to a…

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Hard Money – The Shortest Version

Only TWO main qualifications for our loans:

  1. Equity or decent down payment.
  2. Ability to repay the loan.


Funding Info:

  • FAST Funding ability (many done in under a week).
  • Loans up to $2 Million
  • FICO not generally a factor (bad or poor credit – we can still help!)
  • Up to 75% loan to…

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When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

The Spring real estate market may have gotten off to a slow start this year because winter refused to release its grip on Mother Earth.  However, you can be sure that with more sunny days, the market is returning with a vengeance!

April and May have historically proven to be the top months to sell a home.  In fact, the second quarter of the…


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Hard Money Makes Loans Less Confusing!

No need to be confused by how to get your loan approved FAST. With Hard Money it’s simple!

– We can fund fast, less than 1 week if needed!

– Often considered “all cash”, makes them stronger offers.

– FICO scores are not a determining factor.

– It offers flexibility and…


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Increase Your Wealth While Paying Your Mortgage

Home ownership is a unique opportunity to use housing costs to build wealth over time.

The NAR (National Association of Realtors) recently published a report which broke down the equity gained from appreciation and principal payments.  According to this report, homeowners who purchased their home five years ago realized an 80% gain in…


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Reeling In Your Jumbo Loan Approval!

“It was a pleasure to be able to get this loan at Sun Pacific Mortgage. This was the easiest loan process I have ever experienced in my life!! I will keep [them] on our list for any future loans needs for sure!!!  My loan process was quick, easy and very professional.”  Best, L.Q.

A Realtor reached out to us to get some fast…


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Let’s Garden! Spring Has Arrived!

After one of the worst winters in a decade, Californians are looking forward to a warmer, drier Spring.   Warmer weather tends to bring out the farmer or gardener in many of us…but where to begin? I for one love to garden and each week you can find me doing something to make my garden more full, better, more prolific.

There are many available sources…


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Recently Funded – We Have You Covered!

“The entire family and staff at Sun Pacific Mortgage are the best hands down.  They are honest, direct, professional, quick, efficient and realistic. It was like when everyone else seemed to be against us, Sun Pacific found a way to make things happen.  We cannot thank them enough!”

Borrower –…


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Spring Is in The Air For Housing

As Spring arrives, the housing market is looking considerably more buyer-friendly compared to a year ago.  The inventory shortage of homes we have witnessed has decreased, and higher inventories are driving price cuts.

According to, inventories have increased by an average of 6% year over year. Markets with some of most impressive numbers…


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Hear From The Hard Money Expert!

Tune in to KSRO, Sonoma County’s NEWS TALK radio show on Sunday, April 28th at 9:00am – Stations 103.5 FM/94.5FM/1350AM.  You’ll hear from local Hard Money expert of 31+ years, Forest Tardibuono of Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate.

 Curious about the benefits of alternative financing for today’s real estate…


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Hard Money Lenders

Make us your first and favorite Hard Money Lender.  Call us today at 707-523-2099 or email us back with any scenario.  We’ll let you know quickly how we can help.

Read more here.

Best, Forest – The Guy in the White Hat

Hard Money Broker and…


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How To Minimize Your Real Estate Tax Obligations

“How can you best minimize your tax obligation under the new laws if you plan to purchase a home?”. This was one of the questions addressed in a recent article from House Logic, a National Association of Realtors publication.  It offered some very helpful information regarding tax-savvy home-buying, which is worth sharing because…


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Hard Money Myths BUSTED

Myth 1: Hard Money loans are often predatory and come from dishonest lenders.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We have been doing hard money loans in California since 1988.  We have done thousands of loans and rescued hundreds of real estate agents and Brokers who had…


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