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Breaking News! Alt-A Hard Money By The Guys in the White Hats

Our breaking news brings you a brand-new release:  Low hard money rates from 6% – 8% with our one of a kind, Alt-A Hard Money Program!

This is for those borrowers who are just shy of qualifying for “A” paper underwriting.  The qualifications include: 

 Borrowers with good…


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Tips To Get Your Home Purchase Offer Accepted

Real estate availability may be loosening up, but if you encounter a good buy and want to strengthen your chances of snagging it, here are some tried-and-true tips to remember when presenting your offer:

  • Increase Your Budget:  First-time buyers may be looking in a lower price range, which is one of the most…

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New Release! Alt-A Financing

Alt-A Hard Money Loan!

By The Guys in the White Hats…


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Accessory Dwelling Units: Do Your Homework First!

The housing crisis, especially in California, has worsened over the past decade.  There is a report that states California is short three million housing units. This accounts for the additional pressure on home and rent prices.  To alleviate this disparity some cities are reducing the red tape required to build these…


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The 2019 Release! Alt-A Hard Money Program

Releasing a Brand-New Alt-A Hard Money Program with Rates from 6% – 8%!

  • Borrowers with good credit (640+)
  • Lower Loan To Value (64% LTV or lower)
  • Nice property in good location 

We have many investors who are interested…


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Bay Area Second Quarter Home Prices

Except for San Francisco and San Mateo Counties, home prices in the Bay Area remained relatively flat according to data provided by local Multiple Listing Services.  Year-over-year prices flatlined across the Bay Area, except in Santa Clara and Sonoma Counties where prices retracted. All four of these counties, however, have reached historically high…


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Fast Financing For Those Turned Down Elsewhere!

You or your client being turned down elsewhere for a home mortgage?  This is where we can come in and help with our alternative financing programs – also known as Hard Money.

Call us at 707-523-2099 today with any questions or scenarios you have. We’ll get back to you quickly!

Recently Funded…


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Real Estate Vs. Your 401K

All of us would like to think we are going to retire someday, and hopefully, it will be comfortably. To that end we are encouraged to contribute to a 401K.  Unfortunately, the growth rate of most 401K accounts will not offer us the retirement we anticipate. As an example, even if you were to put $250 a month into a Roth and get a modest 3.5% return on your…


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Racing To Get You Fast Loans – Even When Turned Down Elsewhere!

This Home Buyer Was Turned Down Less Than 1 Week To Close of Escrow.  Below is the thankful Realtor’s testimonial:

“A guy in a white cowboy hat was boarding a plane in Seattle when he gets a phone call from a frantic agent: HELP! My client’s loan got denied and it has to close on Friday! (Keep in mind it is now…


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Difficult-To-Prove Income? We Have the Answer.

Self-employed borrowers have always had a difficult time proving their credit worthiness; however, there is a solution.  Despite the roll-back on mortgage regulations, there is a product known as an “alternate documentation” loan, which has helped potential homeowners overcome this obstacle.

Let’s look at a variety of situations which might make…


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Turned Down Elsewhere? We Can Help Get You Fast Loan Approval!

Despite being turned down by other Underwriters or Lenders, get fast approvals and funding of loans here!

Make us your first and favorite Hard Money Lender. We can help those turned down elsewhere and our specialty is speed.

Call us today at 707-523-2099 or email us back with any scenario.  We will you know quickly…


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Using Home Equity and a Hard Money Loan for Debt Consolidation

Assuming you have enough equity in your home, accessing it to pay off much higher consumer debt is a viable and cheaper alternative.  Paying off high-interest credit cards or high-rate loans with a lower-interest home loan makes sense for many borrowers. However, as with any choice, there are Pros and Cons to be considered.  Let’s…


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Skillfully Funded Loan of The Week!

Non-Owner Purchase – Daly City, California 

A Mortgage Broker contacted us about a Borrower who was having difficulty getting loan approval for an investment property purchase.  He had another property which had incurred some late-payment penalties and so his credit wasn’t good enough. 

This was not an issue for our Hard Money loan…


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Multigenerational Homes Are in Greater Demand

In 2018 the Pew Research Center released a report showing that almost 1 in every 5 Americans lives in a multigenerational home.  In fact, the numbers of two or more adult family members living under the same roof increased from 26.8 million in 1960 to 64 million in 2016.  Why the increase in this type of living arrangement?

Generally, two…


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Downsizing Can Be Stressful

Last year a survey conducted by Trulia reported that 60% of Americans living in homes over 2000 square feet, reported that they…


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Don’t Get Caught Up in the Drama du Jour – Real Estate Stability

Lately, we have seen the financial media spouting fear, uncertainty, drama, and doubt.  Wall Street sends us on a roller coaster ride every day, while the Everyman continues to go to work, get the same paycheck, pay the bills and largely tries to ignore all the drama.  This explains why investing in Main Street has proven to be so…


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Hard Money Lenders

Make us your first and favorite Hard Money Lender.  Call us today at 707-523-2099 or email us back with any scenario.  We’ll let you know quickly how we can help.

Hard Money Loans Recently Funded

We Offer FAST Financing, Big Loans, we can Finance Despite Credit Issues, Property Condition & Difficult-To-Prove-Income.

$500,000 –…


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Thinking of Renovating? Buckle up!

Renovations have been known to lead to many unforeseen disasters, but it doesn’t need to be that way.  With the proper preparation and due diligence, pretty much anything can be avoided. We have all heard the horror stories of living a totally upended life during a renovation, and of timelines being ignored by professional contractors.  If you are…


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Top Reasons For Hard Money This Summer

  1. It’s Fast!

    We have done many refinances and purchase loans in less than a week.
  2. Only TWO main qualifications for a Hard Money Loan!

    A. Equity or a decent down payment.

    B. An ability to repay the loan (source of income).
  3. Credit Score not generally a…

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Four Things Parents Should Consider Before Buying a Home

Parents shopping for a home have different considerations than other demographics.  As parents, their primary concern is the safety and well-being of their children, at the same time, they are also concerned with the happiness of the entire family.

Most buyers start their home search with a list of “must-haves”.  When children are a…


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