Who has Funding for real estate transactions over $1,000,000?

Do you offer financing for real estate loans over $1,000,000? Multi-family, office, sports complex, hotel, development funding, residential trophy homes, or anything else over $1,000,000. If you have funding for large real estate transactions, post it here and let thousands of Real Estate Finance Website members know!

Can you get the big deals done?

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At Mercury Capital our primary focus is to provide direct financing for collateral based situations that require immediate funding. In this capacity Mercury Capital has evolved into one of the nation’s leading direct bridge/hard money lenders, specializing in fast and creative solutions.

Since 1989, Mercury Capital has provided bridge or hard money loans to thousands of borrowers secured by a wide range of commercial properties including:

  • Multi-family
  • Mixed use
  • Warehouse
  • Industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Owner occupied
  • Health care.

Loans range from $500,000 to $5,000,000 with LTV of 65%. 

We close our loans in three weeks. Brokers are protected.

All we need to start is a short executive summary giving a brief description of the project, the borrower’s background and experience and if possible a photo or two of the project. We let you know within a day if we are interested in the deal and move forward from there.

For more information, or to submit a deal contact me as follows:

J. Peter Hans
Mercury Capital
100 Merrick Road 504E
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
(O) 212-661-8700
(M) 347-419-1142

I look forward to meeting your hard money needs.


Commercial Construction Funding 3M up Direct Lender 443-838-9563
Purchase and Refinance. fishermike50@gmail

do you have %20 cash to add to project.we do not do %100 loans

if you are still looking for a loan please give me a call  or email 


    My name is Rickey Schroder and I'm looking for an 80% LTV loan

I have an appraisal seven months old for this amount 3.22 million.  The property claims in over 500,000 year.  Roughly 43,000 miles gross.

The current 2015 appraisal came in the same as last year $3.2M. Using that value, the current payoff of about $1.92M and the 400K amounts to $2.32M,

At $2.32M, steve's mortgage would be covered his second mortgage with a total payoff of his second mortgage I am paying for in total buyout of the shares. Savings for me by paying just $400,000 off their original deal and a total savings of $200,000 for me. He needs money for medical bills.

Once he is paid off 100% I will be deneen extra income of 5000 a month income equaling $60,000 more net profit. $80,000. Then I will use part of this new second mortgage to pay for credit card debt of the amount of each help dollar with and gain of $1700 a month taken off my bills by hand off $80,000 of credit card debt which will be used for pay and medical bills which I have on credit card debt at this time

Once my partners paid for my credit card debt. Once I paid my partner Steve off $400,000 Iwill have an ax to gain of profit $60,000 a year and plus $20,400 positive income. Between credit card debt being paid for and buying out Stephen. Extra income will would be $80,400 a year. Which the would easily make the payments for the second mortgage I am trying to receive from your company.

First mortgage rough amount1.92M.

By my partner totally out $400,000

Medical bills to credit cards $80,000

To purchase in other business 150,000

150,000+ 80,000-400,000+1,920,000=2550000 which is proximately 80% LTV.

I hope this e-mail to use your company a better understanding what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to do a buyout and pay for medical bills and purchase another business. This is what I'm trying to do with the money I borrow on the second mortgage from your company.

Email address freebirdrickey@aol.com


If you are still interested in funding? This is loan contract will can fund so let us know so we start processing. 

Below is our contact:



Looking forward to work with you

Possibly he can offer to secure this deal for you, not sure i can work this out.


James Karcz | Private Lender
Private Funding Services LLC
2700 N. Central Ave., #900
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(480) 524-1763

We don't do 2nd mortgages, but can do a new first.

Please email me more details as I am not totally sure what you are borrowing on.  lspencer@thelendingcorporation.com.



100% financing (or more) for worldwide business ventures and commercial real estate transactions $2 million USD to $2 Billion USD  

  • Worldwide Business Ventures, $2 Million USD to $2 Billion USD
  • 100% (or more!) financing available
  • 100% refund guarantee for due diligence fees
  • All costs (besides due diligence fees) can be added into the loan and paid at closing
  • Due diligence fees can be refunded at closing
  • Business Lines of Credit are available for American business owners with credit scores above 600 who have an adequate income-to-debt ratio
  • Co-Brokers protected

Email LisaArltEscoto@Gmail.com for forms and more information.  www.WorldwideCommercialFunding.com


Just like several of our members, I have funding over $1,000,000 as well. Up to $10,000,000 actually, depending on the strength of the transaction. I won't be spending all day responding to blog comments here but if you really need funding and have a strong transaction with a qualified borrower, I have true hard money up to 65% for refinance and up to 80% for purchase. Just message me, ADMIN.

Thank you!


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