Top 5 Reasons To Refinance Using Hard Money

If you have good equity in your home, you can potentially refinance.  Below are the top 5 reasons one would refinance using hard money, also known as alternative financing: 


  • #1. Remodel your property 
  • #2. Buy an investment property 
  • #3. Consolidate debt 
  • #4. Get ready for the Holidays 
  • #5.  Finance kids education


Refinancing one’s home doesn’t only reduce stress it has the added value of increasing your income tax deductions.  The money you were paying out for those non-deductible expenses is now being applied to a tax deductible expense!


We are a local, family owned & operated company who is ready to assist you with your refinance. Call us with your scenarios at 707-523-2099! 


Best, Forest – The Guy in the White Hat

Broker Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate

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