Sonoma County Real Estate Market Update – Jan thru July 2012

Okay, Real Estate Agents know all too well the pleadings of potential Home Buyers, wanting to find a house for them to buy.  Especially now.  Since January 2012 the Real Estate market has been just getting busier and busier.   Well, with the Sonoma County market update of facts and figures, provided by Pacific Union International, it’s clear why there’s so much pleading….


Single family dwellings FOR SALE houses is down 8.4%.  SOLD houses is up 55%.  Do the math – less homes and more Buyers.    There is 1.8 months supply of inventory as of now and the average days on market has improved to just 64 days!  So if you want to sell your home, now is the time to get the best price with many Buyers looking for new homes to buy.  If you are looking to buy, then you need strong offers that will be accepted.  Some immediate successful tips to put to use can be found in my short blog and video “Sure Advice For Real Estate Success”:



If you have a single family dwelling currently that you have thought of selling or are interested in buying, from price range of $500,000 - $1,000,000, then check out these statistics:  


# of New units is up 39.5%.  # of SOLD is up 84.4%.  The month’s supply of inventory is 2.9 months and Days on Market is 79 days. Bank sales in this price range are up 6.9% and the non-bank sales went up 115.4%!  So get your home listed now if you have considered doing so.


Sonoma County single family dwellings from $1,000,000 and up show similar, exciting improvements:


#of Active units up 47.8% and # of sold units up 158% and under contract is up 116.9%! New listings however is trending down…. So get yours listed if you’ve considered it.  The Months Supply of Inventory for this price range is 6.9 months and days on market is just 79 days!  For Bank sales at this price range its up to 41% and non-bank is up 179%.  Many home owners are taking advantage of the increased market interest for this price range of homes for sale.


If you are someone trying to get into a new home now, but you have bad credit or had a recent foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy then this is where I can help you.  I offer Hard Money loans which are fast, they represent cash offers and they can be refinanced once you become qualified for conventional financing.  But you’ll get that home you want and now!


Hard Money is here to stay and is a vital tool for the busy Realtor and for Buyers who have tried the “A” paper route and been turned down.  2/3 of the loans I do are for purchases – including big loans up to $2million and smaller loans starting at $40,000. The Buyers are so grateful too, as they thought they had no chance for home ownership. 


Check out this link to see bar graph of Sold # of Units, Bank sales versus Non-Bank sales.  Unbelievable the small amount of bank sales and huge leap of non-bank sales:


Check this link to see month by month house sale #s [increases] in $400K up to $1Million Plus range of homes:


If all Realtors and all potential home owners who are interested in selling their house (to move on up or downsize) finds out and spreads facts & statistics then the supply on demand will go up.  And this equals happy new Home Buyers, happy Sellers and less stressed Real Estate Agents!



Note: This market update facts and statistics/graphs are courtesy of Pacific Union International.  Below is the web page for Santa Rosa update and a short informative video also:






Broker and The Guy in the White Hat – Your Hard Money Lender for Northern CA



Forest is a CA DRE Broker with more than 24 years of experience in real estate and lending with his family owned and operated business Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate.  His phone number is (707) 523-2099.  For more information you can also see the newly designed website @ DRE license #01464899.  NMLS #360993.



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