Is Hard Money or Private Money Loans The Best Resource For Funding?

I haven’t always done just Hard Money loans.  After starting our real estate and mortgage company with my wife, we offered almost every single type of loan there was from 1978 through 2008.  And there were many types.

I am however currently just a Hard Money Lender. I do like to keep up-to-date on the other loan programs available.  Not just because it’s a regulation that I have to suggest other forms of loans if a Borrower comes to me who is qualified for another program, it’s always come in handy to be knowledgeable and understand what other types of programs are out there….and realizing Hard Money is one of the best loan programs available, thus making it clear this is a good business to be in. 

I was watching a video recently about real estate investing and financing and an emphatic statement caught my attention:  "The best resource for funding is private lenders!" - Than Merrill [and The Fortune Builders Family]

Thinking back on the types of loan programs I offered, length of time and amount of regulations surrounding each transaction, etc., etc. (especially in the past years and into the present) Hard Money loans are the best resource for funding!  If you just cannot qualify for conventional or bank loans, if you are need the financing faster, want to have better chances at an accepted offer, are self employed so have difficult to prove income,etc. then Hard Money or Private Money loans are a great choice.

There are many out there who say they offer such loans but beware those who want to take dishonest advantage of you.  Note that you do NOT have any upfront fees from a Broker or Lender to get a Hard Money loan.  There are standard fees in Escrow after the loan is funded.

Real Estate is good right now and is only getting better.  Investors, new home buyers and move-up or move-down buyers, sellers, etc.  Private Money or Hard Money loan is  a great finance option and quite honestly could be the best one for you.


Best, Forest Tardibuono – The Guy in the White Hat

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