If you lived through the devastation of the North Bay fires last October, you are painfully aware that your insurance premiums are much more than a necessary evil.  Each homeowner has experienced their own heart-breaking story of the fire. Some have found that their insurance company was a supportive and helpful advocate, while others have experienced a nightmare dealing with insurance issues.  But it doesn’t necessarily take a major disaster, like a fire, to find yourself with insurance woes.

It is imperative to stay in the good graces of your insurance company.  Performing regular maintenance, like clearing overhanging tree branches and checking for roofing problems, can help keep claims at a minimum.  An insurer considers one claim in nine or ten years as average, more than that and you are considered a risk.

Recently, there was an article in Realtor.com listing several reasons you could be dropped by your insurance firm, leaving you with unprotected property.  Knowing these, so you can be more at cause and not be caught off-guard, is smart:

  • An old roof
  • Too many claims
  • Insurer decides not to cover your area or state
  • Pets

It is equally important to complete a yearly policy check- up making sure you have enough coverage. The insurance lessons learned by the fire and flood victims of 2017 need not be repeated.

See Full article here:  http://www.sunpacificmortgage.com/blogs/insurance-tips-pitfalls/

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