I've Got You Covered - Hard Hitting Regulations Jan 2014

LENDER’S VIEWPOINT - By Broker, Forest Tardibuono

I have an informative video for you here. 

I thought to write an article about all the changes in regulations that hit Hard Money lending as of January 10th, but I am almost too busy writing loans!  The changes in regulations have been so long in coming that I have actually pretty much taken all in stride.  The news wants to make the new regulations out to be so very onerous, but none should really impact the fact that Buyers will still want to buy even with tarnished profiles and people will still need to refinance their homes to buy another property, do home improvements, etc. 

My task is to stay abreast of whatever the feds throw at us in name of regulations that purportedly aid the consumer.   Then through my postings, blogs, articles and social media, let the various publics know that Hard Money is the only option out there if they have been turned down by their favorite bank or savings and loan or mortgage broker or mortgage banker.  Or all of the above!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - Hard Money is here to stay.  It is absolutely critical for buyers and those looking to refinance.  It is a vital tool for the busy realtor too.  2/3 of the loans I do are for purchases. The Buyers are so grateful too, as they thought they had no chance for home ownership.  Or they were in contract and the lender all of a sudden said “declined”. 

Hard Money is the only loan program I offer.  I invite you to drop me an email or give me a call if you are in California to see how Hard Money will work for your situation.    When you need it, you need it.  

Forest Tardibuono is Co-Owner and CA BRE Broker known as “The Guy in the White Hat” of Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate - Your Northern CA Hard Money Lender since 1988.  www.sunpacmortgage.comBRE license #01464899/NMLS#36099311

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