Doing whatever it takes to buy a home. Is it worth it?

Making that final decision to buying a home is key.  It’s also necessary to do earlier than later as rents are only increasing and with the rates of mortgages, now is the time to seriously think about and then do something to get into a new home. 

As a CA Realtor and Broker for over 26 years here in Sonoma County and now just providing Private Money loans to those turned down elsewhere for real estate loans, I appreciate factual statistics and reports. 

I especially appreciate those beneficial to potential home owners who are struggling to get information on what is the correct action for them, right now.

In Sunday’s Sonoma County’s Press Democrat Business section, there was a timely article called “Demand Vs. Supply” by Robert Digitale which stated the following:

“Fueled by such demand, the county this spring recorded some of the fastest rent increases in the nation.

“The average apartment rent rose to $1,521 a month in Sonoma County in the second quarter, a jump of 13.3 percent from a year earlier.”

Then a recent Keeping Current Matters blog “What is holding back the Real Estate Market? Posted on 24 July states:

“While inventory levels remain below historic norms, it will remain a seller’s market. This being the case, if you are considering selling your home, now may be the time to list it for sale.”

True home values are increasing monthly - another reason to buy now: you can save on your mortgage payments if you don't wait.

True rent rates are increasing regularly - another reason to buy now: you can have a set mortgage payment.

True there are many home buyers out there looking to buy – another reason to discover exactly what you can afford and the best options to assist you in making a strong offer.

I have spoken with many potential home owners who want to buy now but get turned down from a bank or another conventional lender yet they have a good down payment for a purchase and they can afford mortgage payments. Private Money loans can help while working to get qualified for a conventional loan. They are shorter term and more forgiving on credit.  Additionally, they are virtually an all cash offer so can help in making a strong purchase offer along with fast closing.   If you do qualify for a home loan I can refer you to an experienced local Lender who can get you through your loan process.

The moral of this blog is: Don’t wait and wonder, take action now to buy your home.  Find an expert local Realtor and/or Lender and learn exactly what you qualify for and get yourself approved for and into a good home!


Best, Forest – The Guy in the White Hat

Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate


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