Is it a problem for anyone else that lenders use a Gmail account. 

what does that say ?

thoughts please



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To me it says they don't take themselves seriously enough to spend the $10-$12 a year to get a domain. If they don't take them selves seriously why should I? That through s up red flags for me. But hey maybe its because I am in the businesses. 

Hi Kathleen, 

I pretty much concur with Jonthan Casillas.  Only other thought would be if a Lender uses a gmail account as "backup" as a lot of content we email about is considered spam so unfortunately ends up in junk mail.  However, gmail has helped overcome this problem in the past so I keep both.  Of course majority of business is done through my company account and I am sure a lot of other Lenders/Brokers would say the same. 

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Yes.  It's a problem.  Most likely a scam.

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I don't use my company name on my email account, I am a private lender. I have a lot more at stake using my real name than a company name. It has worked well for me since the beginning of emails. I never had a real concern from any of my clients in the many years I've been a lender. An investor needs money and I loan my money, MY MONEY,  who has the most to lose?? Nothing to hide, good name all over the web!



I would like to ask you about your program please email me at

From the owner of this website... I find it laughable that someone would even make this post. A gmail or yahoo account is a free account. Why spend money if you do not have to? If you are a small lender with just a handful of employees, lending your own funds or that of in-state investors, what difference would an email address possibly make? Don't be fooled by low level loan officers that only post things like this because they work for someone else's company that provides their email address. There is absolutely no problem with using a gmail or yahoo account. Hotmail yes, it is the universal sign of scam and years ago was used overseas by those that collected fake upfront fees, among other things.

I personally use a yahoo, gmail, and an aol email address and I am pretty sure that nobody is going to accuse me of being a scam. Don't worry about email providers. Be more concerned with using a professional, transparent lender that follows up with you regularly and does what they say, when they say it.

Jonathan, it is not about taking themselves seriously. We are simply talking about an email address, not a level of service. As a broker, deal with someone that you can talk to, both on an office phone and a cell phone. A lender that provides you references and has a professional website. The website matters, not the email address. The website is your "face" on the internet, your email address is just a way to message you or send documents.

I agree with Admin

I agree with Admin 100%. I use 2 different Yahoo accounts for my emails, one account is business and the other is personal. I own my own small business and would never pay for a personalized email account when I can use Yahoo's service for free. Why would that ever be a problem for anyone?


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