Private Lenders???

Are there any Private money lenders here?
My wife and I fix-n-flip houses. We are usually looking for around $80,000 purchase price with about $10,000 in repairs and sell price of around $ 120,000.We have done larger houses with more spread but they take longer to sell so we are going to start doing these types of houses and more of them.
I am trying to scale our business and start doing multiple deals a month or year.Thank You
Tesco Remodeling, LLC
Springfield, Mo

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I have several options for you in this area in the "Fix N Flip" business. You will have to have skin in the game but you may be able to greatly leverage up to five (5) times your initial investment and we are not really score driven. Some will go down to a 520 credit score.

I currently work for Bayard Business Capital and Consulting, Inc.. We are composed of a group of 10 loan officers that come from varied backgrounds, i.e., residential and commercial lending, private equity, sales and marketing and our founder is currently the owner of a small bank.

I personally have over 25+ years of banking and lending experience. Please email or give me a call at 573-225-1841 to discuss further. FYI: I am in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

As always, we do not charge up front fees.

Baxter R. Hoover

Sr. Loan Officer

Mobile: (573)450-0838


Your loan contract is a deal will can fund if you are still interested in funding?

We fund 95% to any loan contract and our terms are flexible to work with. 

There are no repayment penalty and our repayment can be negotiable by client either for both Interest and Principal loan or Balloon payment. 

You contact us @


Guillermo Munoz

Hi Scott


We offer 100% LTV for Fix/Flip nationwide. No upfront fees. Contact us for details. Thank you.

All the Best,

uFund Capital



No, you absolutely do not offer 100% fix and flip funding Nationwide. Good attempt at humor though!
Haha yes that is good humor!

My name is Jim Szotjka, and I am a real estate wholesaler focusing on serving the real estate needs of homebuyers and sellers within the five boroughs of the NY tristate. However, my real estate database is not limited to only NY I represent properties in other states as well, such as GA, CA, NV, VA, MD and more. With that said, I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to you and see if you have any real estate needs at this time.

I also have cash buyers as well who are seeking Off-Market properties, which is one of the main reason; I have opted to contact you.

I believe a professional relationship is viable and should you work with me, I will work tirelessly to ensure you are connected with the best real estate opportunities. My services include:

Real estate sales

Real estate purchases

Local real estate market reports

Local real estate market expertise and guidance

Real estate professional referrals (for those moving to another state or country)

Real estate leasing (commercial, industrial, retail, residential)
Properly vetted cash buyers and or investors

Other: do you have a unique real estate issue that you need assistance with? I am happy to work with you to find solutions.
I hope you will consider contacting me for your future real estate needs. My contact information is below.

Best Wishes,
Jim Szotjka
CFO of MDB of NY, Inc.
P: (718)-332-3177
C: (718) 737-1560
F: (718) 332-2164

Hello Tesco, 

I understand that you might have applied for this loan to so many lender, i won't compel you to try mine. But i can only advise you to give this a try, if you are not ok with our terms then you can back off. 

Thank you

contact me at 




    12 MONTH LOAN                (ARV) 12 MONTH LOAN









Min. Loan Amt.

             $50k                                    $75k



Max. Loan Amt.

           $2.5M+                                $2.5M+




Up to 85% of Purchase             Up to 85% of Purchase

Up to 65% Refinance               + Up to 100% of Rehab

Up to 50% Cash-Out            Not to Exceed 75% of ARV

Up to 85% of Purchase

Up to 65% Refinance

Up to 50% Cash-Out

Up to 70% of Purchase

Up to 50% Refinance

Up to 50% Cash-Out


No Set Minimum                                 600

No Set Minimum


Property Types

        Non-Owner                           Non-Owner

Occupied 1 – 4 Family               Occupied 1 – 4 Family

         Residential                           Residential


Occupied 1 – 4 Family Residential

Mixed-Use; Off ice;

Apt.Complex (5+ Units); Retail Spaces

Property Type Exclusions

Owner Occupied                        Owner Occupied

Owner Occupied

No Gas / Repair / Industrial /

Storage of Auto, Boat or Motorcycle

Pre-Pay Penalty

             N / A                                    N / A

2% Prior to Month 9

N / A

Termination Fee

1% After Month 9                     1% After Month 9

N / A

N / A

Extension Fee

No Extension Option               No Extension Option

2% for 6 Months

2% for 6 Months

Contact TCA® P \ 910.678.7022

F \ 910.568.4965

Hello Sir,

Yes, we can help.  We would need you to come in with 10% down on the Purchase Price.

Please e-mail me with more details on your current transaction.

Thank you,

Ivan Meyreles

We are drawing your attention to LEGACY FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS LLC.
A private lender and a commercial investor based in Atlanta , Georgia ..
I am looking to connect with clients and serious minded investors who are in need of loan and funding for their deals, we offer all kind of loans
such AS secured and unsecured, fix n flip,Value or ARV of the Property, business loans, real estate loan, rehab etc at an affordable interest rate of 4.5%per annul with no prepayment penalty.
We also lend to some other countries,
Please get back to us so that we can proceed, with sending you our terms and conditions form.


(678) 783 4417

Email :

Deal sounds great, possibly i can help you. Contact us: Website:

Hi Scott:

We have a 90% "as-is" program that equates to - 75% LTV w/ 100% rehab included.


We also have a 1ML line of credit for Fix & Flip investors. Must have a 680 fico, have done 5 deals in the last 12 months, must be able to show 20% for each deal. Min of 100K loan amount.

Feel free to contact me. We would like to become your "go to guys" for funding.


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