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Good morning to all!

To anyone that I have not yet spoke with on this website, my name is Alexander Williams III. I have some very nice finance options for all those looking to buy or refi real estate. In an effort to connect with more people on this website, I have included a bit about me so that we can get to know each other.

I live in Bothell, Wa. which is near Seattle. I am a commercial mortgage broker and real estate investor. I am also the son of a Realtor, father of two teenage children, and husband to a beautiful woman. I grew up very poor but when I was in my early twenties my father got his real estate license and within a few years was doing very well. With his advice I was able to get an entry level position with a company called Countrywide, which for many years was one of the largest mortgage lenders in America. I worked my up to the position of VP, invested wisely, and when the company began having trouble staying afloat I was offered an opportunity to retire early while still in my 40's. 

Things change, money disappears or in my case is given to family members, and several years ago I came back to work to use my experience as a commercial mortgage broker. I leased office space in Bothell, hired a processor, and started brokering loans. When the "pandemic" hit, I closed my shop and began brokering from my home. I am still doing this today and last week I closed the largest loan of my career, at $2,600,000. I mention this only to say that I have the funding sources to get seven digit loans financed right now in this market. I have a closing next week and another in process that was recently approved through the gentleman that owns this website.

I have several strong lending sources that I am able to utilize to get you the financing you need!

My specialties are listed below:

Residential rehab funding up to 85% with 100% rehab

Hard money for residential and multifamily property

Commercial financing on most mainstream commercial property types with rates as low as 7.9%

I am available every day except Sunday to help anyone with finance questions or loan submissions. My email address is and I would like to assist anyone in need with help, advice, whatever I can do to help out. Ultimately my goal is to help you make your next purchase or refinance. I prefer to start interacting with new contacts by email or you can DM me directly on this website. I am also on LinkedIn and Bigger Pockets but I have found that this is the website I use as my main resource. The large loan I recently financed came through this website as did the one I expect to close in about 10 to 12 days. 

Email me if you would like to connect. I will work hard to provide the financing you need.


Alexander Williams


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Hi Cheeto!

I really like your post. I wish more people would do the same. It helps people get to know you on more of a personal level. Other than you and a few others, most people think they will get new business just because they put up an ad, or copy one from someone else. In reality, and why I often make things personal myself, most "good people" want to know a bit about someone before trusting them with a six or seven figure transaction. For example, you and I speak on the phone quite a bit lately and I knew you were from my hometown but I had no idea you were high up at Countrywide before B of A bought them out. What is funny is that back in the early 2000's when I got back into lending, Countrywide had an arm of their company called Indymac which was one of their subprime divisions and they recruited me pretty hard to open up a branch. I turned that down but back in those days, Countrywide was doing amazing numbers, something like 15% or more of total US home loans came from Countrywide back in those days.

Anyway, good to hear more about what got you to this point. If I was looking for funding, it would certainly help to know that I could go through a former VP of what was once America's largest home lender. Keep making posts like this. It gets your name on people's minds!


I appreciate this information. I am traveling to Bellevue in April to visit family. Maybe we could meet for coffee when I come up? Might be a good time to become more familiar with how we both work. Put some deals together!



Other than Shaun Tollman, you are the only one on this website that knows my nickname. Love it! I don't know if you are aware but he and I are very close friends and have been since he started brokering probably 10 plus years ago.

Thank you for always supporting me. Also, thank you for updating me on the progress of our deal together. Most just submit my request and wait until there is a problem before updating me. You are different. I know I will receive a text or email every few days while our loan is in progress. 

Mr. Neal,

Just read your reply. I think that would be an excellent idea. Just email me when you know your itinerary and we can schedule. I will look forward to it!

Alexander Williams

I knew you and Tollman were in the same town but I had no idea you were great friends. He and I have messaged for years on this site. That turned into him doing loans with me. Now we don't message much on this site, no reason, because he literally calls me all the time. Good guy, Like him a lot. I'm sure he will message me if he logs on and sees this post!

By the way... I have decided to show my little bit of power since I own this website so I will make sure this one post you have made gets you into the top 5 on the Leaderboard. The higher you rank, the more people will know your name which will result in new business for you. This site had a tough holiday season but the activity since mid-January has been amazing. Keep posting and let me know if you need anything from me. Again, I will get you to the top five on the Leaderboard in the next couple hours. People don't realize it but I once made a post on this website several years ago that got nearly 20,000 views. That is more than one view per member. I will get plenty of eyes on this. I like that you included your direct email address so people can message you about loans.

Good to see this Cheeto!


My ears were burning. Yeah, Cheeto and I have been friends for a long time. We get together often. His kids have babysat for my young daughter many times.

Cheeto keep posting like this. I get many of my loans from this site. I use the status window on the main page to post my fundings. When I started that I began getting messages from those that saw that because they know I get deals done. Like the man says, do whatever it takes to get your name out there.

Love you both!


Good post Mr. Williams!

I am not really a social media user so I do not post often but I want to thank everyone that has commented or viewed this post. I never thought a simple post with my background and finance capabilities would get this much attention.

I am thankful for all of you.

Alexander Williams


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