Need 2.5 Million in funding for purchase, restoration, and commercial development in CA

Hard Money Please

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I may be able to help you with this request, but, I need more information. 

My contact information is below.

Jerry Skolnick

Green Mountain Financial Services, Ltd.

41B W. Merrick Rd.

Valley Stream, NY 11580


I can help and no upfront fees


Please message me at with answers to the following questions. I am interested.

Thank you.

1) Size of loan? 
2) Type & Address of property? 
3) Current As-Is Value of property and how is that Value being arrived at?
4) Detailed Breakdown of the Use of proceeds? 
5) Length of loan? 
6) Exit strategy? 
7) Borrower’s Pricing Expectation (rate & point wise)? 
8) Besides you…are there any other brokers attached?

Michael, If you really want this loan, and have at least 20%for a downpayment, maybe we can do business.  A breif summary will also help.  Hope to hear from you.

Reggie Truss

Our last hard money deal was for 14% if we can help please call or email



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