Looking for Equity / Capital for Silicon Valley Multi Family Developments

Super active silicon valley has need for fill housing for 48000 new jobs being created in the next few years. needles to say housing supply is being met with huge demand. we have two small projects, fully entitled, shovel ready and need equity/capital as we operate as fee developers. total need is $12M plus for 22% leveraged returns

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hi i'm in in San Francisco have funding my email is gs@eliteglobal.biz

If you have an Exec Summary please email me at dburgess@advlendusa.com. I can get you a quote on rates and terms maybe even a term sheet within 48 hours. We are direct lenders.

I'm a strategic referral partner with NYC Commercial Funding Conduit which provides recourse and non-recourse commercial funding from 100k to no upper limit. 


My role is to send out loan worksheets which need to be completely and accurately filled out by borrowers and get these to the NYC analyst team for a full funding proposal. When the worksheet is returned we then send out a preliminary funding offer. If it is satisfactory we prepare our final, and official, funding offer which will include instructions as to how to wire us a fully refundable $2,500 - $5,000 retainer fee. 


Notice how the borrower pays nothing until after they get the funding offer they like. 



Kindest Regards;


James W. Peterson



Please email me details on this project as well as executive summary. We have an interest in projects like this. My email is tnjenterprises@sc.rr.com

We provide non recourse financing for new construction projects here in the US. Some of our lenders have the willingness to JV on the equity portion if the project is strong enough. Our lenders include everything from SBA, HUD, Insurance Companies, to Private Lender Groups. We have a preferred status with most of our Lenders because we originate and sometimes partially underwrite all of our files. This includes back ground checks on all principals, legal workup of the project and principals, CPA assistance with all of the projections/proforma numbers.

I will need more information (Executive Summary, Business Plan) to access if my lenders will have interest. Please contact me at diane@mosheassociates.com

Diane Charles


Please send me an email with more details.




The Financial Bridging

CIF Project Funding Program

There is NO DEBT SERVICING on this Program


The Financial Bridging is a sourcing of 100% Project Funding on behalf of our Capital investment Firm who has established six alternative Equity Investment Programs for Qualified Projects that meet the following criteria:


1)      Asset-worthy, financially and economically viable

2)      Minimum $1 million USD

3)      Has capable management

4)      Is of worthwhile value

5)      Depending on the Investment Program chosen -- Client must have 1% - 2.5% - 5% - 10% Funds available to purchase a Certificate of Deposit (CD) to be held in Reserve until the project is successfully completed at which time the CD is returned to client as additional operating capital.


This CIF Project Funding Program will consider projects from $1 million USD to $500 million USD. Projects over this limit can be considered but will be done in phases. CIF functions as the investor for 100% of the project cost. In exchange for funding 100% of the Project CIF will receive a percentage of the Project net profits on either a 30% or 40% equity participation basis; as determined by the client, until such time as the investment amount has been repaid to CIF.



Please advise ASAP


Kindest Regards;

James W. Peterson



I am seeking to connect with real estate developers of income producing properties.  I own and operate a full service property management company and would love to partner with a housing developers.  If you know of anyone who would be interested please contact me, I am very much open to suggestions. 


Janace Sylvia Rivera,(CA Licensed Real Estate Broker)


Suba Management Solutions, LLC

1015 North Lake Ave. Suite 219

Pasadena, CA  91104

Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc. is a private investment bank. We have a real estate finance division. Send me an Executive Summary.
Jeffrey B. Freis, President
Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc.
Tel: 914 967-9235
Fax:914 798-6670

Mr Enrico Cavalino

We actively invest and provide short, medium and long-term finance facilities to corporate and private borrowers globally who are able to clearly demonstrate viability and status. We boast extensive financial resources from our own and managed private funds and are therefore able to provide facilities specifically structured to generate far reaching financial solutions designed to stimulate business growth and maximize profitability.

Broker’s information:

If you are a  professional intermediary advisor Loan Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Independent Financial Advisers, Insolvency Practitioners, Solicitors, Accountants, Lettings Agents, Estate Agents, Sole Traders or anyone else providing financial services and you have clients that would benefit from what our company offers we would like to hear from you.

Go to our Website B.J.Enterprises. http://www.bjenterprises.net  for all Company information or e-mail  enquiries@bjenterprises.net

I have a lender who loves doing equity investments, and debt/equity deals.  My email is keelinternational@gmail.com I can forward more information to you.  The application is rather easy.  My name is Jason Ross.


Good morning, My name is Felix and I am a Finance Specialist. We can help you.
Call my partner Courtney Lawrence and she will talk to you about the kinds of funds we provide. Also go to our website. For any questions please to hesitate to reach us.

Courtney Lawrence:
Phone:  (949) 777-5509 | Fax:   (949) 309-2731


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