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This is Monty, owner of The Real Estate Finance Website.  I would like to find out what type of loans you focus on in your day to day business. Obviously, most of us that are experienced in lending can offer almost any type of loan if we have a strong, reliable source of money behind us but what I want to know and have our thousands of members see is what type of loans you do most frequently? Do you specialize in Hard Money, SBA, Construction, Rehab, Long Term SFR Funding, Small Balance Commercial, Multifamily? Please comment below with a quick answer. I will provide my answer in the comments below as well. I think it is very important for us to know and recognize other members across the country and know who we can go to for specific types of funding.

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Hard Money, SBA, Construction, Rehab, Long Term SFR Funding, Small Balance Commercial, Multifamily 1-4, 5+, Working Capital ABL

Hi Monty. I offer many types of funding but I would say the bulk of my loans are in the area of providing hard money for Multifamily, Mixed Use, Office, Retail. I have a great source that goes up to $3m. Thank you for making this post!

Gina Henson



We provide attractive financing for Refinance and Acquisition of Commercial properties.

If attractive terms could assist with the closing of a Commercial deal, give me a call.

Dave Hare




Well, I was taught by you personally so I would say my specialty would be offering rehab loans for both commercial and single family investment properties. I offer several types of financing but rehab makes up about half of my closings.

If you need funding from someone that can get your deal done right, please PM me here at Real Estate Finance!

Lisa Verholtz

Hard money mainly for non-owner occupied homes and Multifamily 

The Lending Corporation provides all types of commercial loans with a focus on SBA loans as we are involved with the SBA lending and not just a bank.

Additionally we can provide construction, construction to perm, business, green energy, fix and flip or hold, etc. We are also here to help those self employed or small to mid-sized businesses that need financial help as well as independent contractors.

Venture Capital / Private Equity / Commercial / Hard Money Business and Personal Lines of Credit / Private Family Office Construction / Blanket Loan / Fix and Flip


The Lending Corporation, LLC


Direct: 941-922-6762

Fax: 941-251-8235

Multifamily. Last year more than half of my loans were for purchase or refinance of Multifamily. I can get these funded in as little as 4 weeks. Loan amounts up to $2 million.

Do you need money to buy and flip Investment properties?
I have more money than deals. Funding available for investment properties and real estate! I am the lender. Brokers welcome to submit deals. Call me: 270 - 422 - 2550 and ask for Bill.

Are you a direct lender or broker?



Hard money. The loans everyone else turns down - if there is solid, honest 40% EQUITY! - and insurable title, and a believable exit strategy. $200k to about $5 mil. (Down to about $50k in Calif.)  David  916-507-9923   hardloans@yahoo.com 

 Home | kindoppprivatemoney (wixsite.com)

Direct Residential Lender in 10 States. FHA 100% financing with No Down Payment,  True Stated Income excellent rates. I also do Commercial (All Types), Construction Developments & Hard Money Lending nationwide. Off Market Properties Available Nationwide. 

Call Robert 714-209-3728 or email: rcampoy@lending3.com

Do you need capital to purchase commercial real estate? We have the capital to make your project a profitable one! Real Estate Loans Tailored for you, available in Florida and the East-Coast. True No Doc Loan, We Lend to The Value of the Asset, Not the Borrower.  

Call Wilson 480 645-9237 or email: wilson.curtis248@gmail.com


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