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I have deleted most of the previous verified funding sources from that page on this website because they had been verified a few months before this site was built, over a year and a half ago. I have kept the lenders that I know for certain to be true direct real estate lenders. That list just went from nearly 50 funding sources down to just 5. I don't have the time to call dozens of funding sources and re-verify so I am asking you to contact me, Admin, if you are a true, direct real estate lender and would like to be added to this list. This way I can easily rebuild a 100% accurate list of Verified Funding Sources on this website, something that every borrower and mortgage broker can count on to get the funding they need! There are too many scams and fake lenders out there so I want to assemble the best, most accurate list online. When I started this site in 2012 I had that. Now it is time to rebuild that list to help everyone on this website!

The Real Estate Finance Website has grown very fast and now being a part of that list is a very valuable marketing tool for any true, direct lender. Before I deleted most of the previous lenders last week, our Verified Funding Sources page was to the point where it was being viewed over 1100 times a week. That number keeps going up as this website gets bigger!

Let me know if you would like to be included.

Happy Holidays!


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Is there a way you can limit the amount of times one person can post on one discussion? I see one person posting the same long post so many times, it turns me off the site now.. I know this is crazy request.. But wow, can this person get a hint and shorten his comment to couple of lines and post less frequent.. 

Sorry, had to get it out of my chest..

Where did you see that?

Please let me know of the vetting process to be recognized as a Verified Funding Source.

I'm Jackie Peraza, BDO of PathStone Capital.  We provide funding for just about any commercial real estate or business loan nationwide; from business operating capital and equipment leasing to multi-million dollar CMBS loans.  We are now able to also offer construction loans for developers and builders. You can learn more about us at www.pathstonecapital.com.  I can be reached at 978-460-3922, or jperaza@pathstonecapital.com

Dear administration, I applaud you for your stand on ripoffs and unqualified lenders, I am a borrower who buys apartment complexes. It is very important to me that I do not get riped off before I even get started. To help you if you so desire I can send you leads of lenders who solicit me all the time, primarily from Linkedin members site, you can qualify them or discard them; it is your choice. Please let me know if you want me to send you leads, I do not wish to do so if you are not in agreement. I will not charge you for this service, my payment will be that you are providing a service to me that is priceless. Please let me know if you want me to send you leads?

Thank you

Charles Hernandez
Hernandez Hideaway Inc


Please add Lonmond Financing to the lending list.

I am a private loan lender located in the shores of USA (MN).

We offer personal, company, individuals, construction, rehab etc loans to our customers.

We currently fund all at 4% interest rate, and this is on all terms and world wide.

You can contact me on randybrooksltd@hotmail.com

Mr. Randy Brooks,

(651) 300-2397

I would like the opportunity to be added to your verified lenders list.

We have several loan programs tailored for small businesses. In today's economy, you have to know the right sources to provide funds for your business when you need it. We have relationships with several funding companies and lenders that provide: - Working Capital - Merchant Cash Advance - Small Business Loans or Lines of Credit Our experienced staff of loan consultants can walk you through the lending process and get you funded as soon as possible.

Working Capital This program is ideal for the small business that needs short term capital fast. Funding can be as little as 48 hours and many businesses are eligible. Poor credit is not a deterrent to lend, funding is based on the cash flow of the company. If you are a barbershop, restaurant, auto mechanic, or a hair salon, this loan is ideal for your business.

Loan Highlights:

- Must be in business at least one year

- Credit score as low as 500/no judgments' or liens

- Business bank account must average $3,000 per month

- Yearly Revenue over $60,000

- Small payments are made on a daily basis deducted from the business bank account

Merchant Cash Advance If you have a business that takes a large amount of visa/mastercard/debit transactions on a daily basis, we have several lenders that can give you a loan up to $150,000 depending on your volume. Merchant cash advance is the fastest growing form of funding for small businesses over the past five years. Payments are deducted from the business merchant processing account as the merchant transfer funds to their business bank account. It is a short term loan with unlimited renewals.

Cash Advance Highlights: - In business at least one year/some programs available for new businesses - No minimum credit score - Loan based on merchant processing receipts from visa/mastercard/debit transactions - Previous merchant loans can be paid off - May not have to switch processing companies

We also can connect your business with other types of financing

Mckenley A. Washington©
Direct: 404.644.2170

P.O. BOX 14341
Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Follow @MACG_ATL Instagram:

Carl Agard
Senior VP Loan Consultant
Applied Service Group

Dear Admin:

Please add me to your list. Non-Prime and Hard Money risk adjusted pricing / Commercial and Residential. $200,000,000 to lend. All files are processed underwritten and funded in house. Eager to deploy capital through "common sense" underwriting.  

Barry Boston

Athas Capital Group 

877-877-1477 ext 201 


26901 Agoura Road Suite 250

Calabasas CA 91301 


I know for a fact that your company is legitimate. I am familiar with your owner and you are definitely a direct lender. If you would like Athas added, just email me privately and we can set that up tomorrow if you like.



Dear Admin:
We are direct lenders with our own money and wish to be registered as so on your website. Please tell me what I have to do to get our company certified.

Very Best Regards,

Michael H. Plunkett, CPA (Ret)
JAM Secure Funding & Property, LLC
(503) 953-9123

bob carter

chief logistics officer at silverleaf interconnect inc

seeking $10,000,000 in two rounds great ROI over five years.Offering 40% equity in our telcom corp. contact Bob Carter CLO and cofounder of Silverleaf Interconnect Inc 
silverleaf.interconnect@gmail.com or call 612-356-3591

Hello Bob,

This is loan contract will can fund so let us know if you are still interested in funding?

You can contact us @



Looking forward to work with you.


★Commercial Real Estate Funding★ ★NO HASSLE FUNDING★
★Flexible Terms★:


MACG REAL ESTATE GROUP and our affiliates are able to facilitate NO HASSLE FUNDING for BUSINESS OWNERS!


Perfect for Investors looking to Refinance existing real estate assest you currently own to obtain funding for other projects you are working on.

We process, underwrite, close and service all loans in house.Same day approvals and closing within 20 business Days!! Call or email us today for an application.


Not known to many business owners and commercial real estate investors is the availability of Private Capital for business purposes in the form of Collateral based loans. Business and real estate owners can get a loan for as little as $5,000. We can lend up to $10,000,000 strictly based on the asset or collateral value of commercial real estate. We use methods to determine funding amounts such as credit card sales, accounts recievable, inventory and yes, even purchase orders, regardless of credit scores, income or financial stability.

Contact us today if you are currently looking to refinance one of the following:

Shopping Plaza, 
Strip Mall 
Convenience store (7-11); 
Department Store (apparel, 
Grocery, Supermarket; 
Light Industrial (10% 
Medical Bldg; 
Mobile Home Park, 
Office Bldg (General); 
Retail Stores ( Personal Services, Photography, Travel); 
Warehouse (Industrial),
Gas Station 
Auto Dealership, 
Medical/Dental Bldg., 
Mixed Use  

Occupancy: 85%+

1st Mtg Amount >= 750000
Interest Rate >= 5+

Contacts us Today!


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