Buying an 8 unit apartment building. How much down do I need? Can you help me with financing?

I would like to purchase a small 8 unit apartment building. Cost will be $1.09 Million. I have good credit and 2 rental properties right now. I would prefer to avoid hard money if possible because I plan on keeping this one long term.

Can you help me?


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25% down would do it. Contact me if you are ready to move forward.

Hi Tina Hastings :

Let us have your contact email and phone No. for our US lender to contact you directly.

David Lee

Email :

Is FHA an option? Can anyone give me an idea of what type of interest rate I may be looking at? I can do up to 20% down payment. I just ran all 3 credit scores and they are 711, 708 and 691. Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Tina.

My name is Lisa Verholtz. I am not a lender but I complete many, many multifamily loans. You are looking at 20% down with rates in the 6% area. The Fed just raised interest rates today, again, so those rates may go up very soon. If you are ok with having a top producing Broker assist you with this, please message me. I will respond with my phone, email, and anything else you need. Unlike other brokers, I can and will provide proof of my closings as well as many business references. 

If you absolutely must work with a direct lender then you can still message me and I will respond with the lender I would have used to assist you with this financing. Either way, I am here to help.

:Looking forward to hearing from you!

If there is no major rehab needed you would be looking at 25% down. Just completing a deal 10 Unit, 80% occupied, 800 credit and good experience at 10 Year Fixed  6.25%, Amortization 30 Years. Feel free to connect with me at my email below. Yes I understand  hard money is not your first option!

I can get you really good rates.  Just email me at

Hi Samuel! What type of rates are you thinking right now?

4 to 5% for short term loan.

I provide funding for Fix and Flips, Rental Properties & Commercial Projects, Gap funding, Refinance. ( Personal Funding Available). Loan amount: $20,000 up to $10,0000,000. Up to 100% financing if deal is solid . Interest rate from 4%, No Prepayment Penalty. We close within 2 to 5 days. Send in your loan scenerio at to review my lending criteria. Thanks

I have very flexible funding offer upto 100% LTV. If interested please contact
Thank you,
Archie David

I have very flexible funding offer upto 100% LTV. If interested please contact
Thank you,
Archie David


Hello Tina. Can we get an online app filled out at and I we can get the ball rolling on this

Thank you!!

Matthew Rosencrans
Rok Financial / Rosencrans Capital


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