How Artificial Intelligence (AI) can Dramatically INCREASE Your BOTTOM LINE!

Think about your business. At what point in acquiring a new customer or client would you like to begin engaging with that potential customer or client?

  1. When they just start looking?
  2. When they are seriously looking?
  3. When they are ready to engage or buy?
  4. All of the above.

My guess is Number 4, "All of the above". That's what AI gives you. Instead of marketing to the masses, AI presents the opportunity to only market to "All of the above".

So, how does it work? The answer is algorithms. More simply, 250 million online profiles are analyzed billions of times each day to enable the AI to learn the trends of potential clients or customers who exhibit any one of "All of the above". It is called "Behavioral Targeting". This enables you, the business owner, to target only these people in 1, 2, or 3 above, and create a relationship by addressing them wherever they are in the buying process and ultimately directing them to your "Engaging" funnel. This is the future of on-line marketing!.

Until recently, this technology was only available to large companies like Walmart, Sam's Club, Oracle, advertising giants like WPP and many of the Fortune 500 companies. Now it has become available to small and mid-sized businesses who obtain a large part of their new business over the internet. The key is to get ahead of your competition. Because AI is so effective in Advertising, the businesses in a market category or profession who embrace this technology will find their business increase 30, 40, 50, and, in some cases triple and quadruple percentages.  Those who fail to act now will be left out because there currently is only one company who has mastered AI for on-line marketing and that is the company used by all of the above-mentioned (and hundreds more) companies.  They are also the ones releasing AI for these small and mid-size businesses.

In future articles I will be doing more in-depth examples of how AI can impact a particular industry beginning with the mortgage industry. Or, if you don't want to wait for your industry to come up, go to my website to get your answers:

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