BALI - INDONESIA > large unusual project in the highest luxury real estate

looking for

ONE serious investor or partner with a minimum of 100-125M$ f


4 serious smaller investors/partners each 20-25M$

for a project of in total ca 375M$ total luxury real estate holiday resort in the north of Bali -


we have a 6 months agreement on the land > ca 150HA and value will grow very quickly after announcement final decision new North Bali airport AND new 6 lane main road from Denpasar to North Bali !!!

negotiations with local government ongoing to obtain all necessary agreements but once all that in written document, idea is to progress as soon as possible

for all info please / skype: villabalipassion / YM:

we will require a LOI / LOC before sending out our financial rapport/set-up

- - - - - -

we also have some smaller resorts for sale

> Ungasan resort / 96 villas

> Pecatu Villa Resort / 50 villas

> Batu Belig/Berawa Beachfront / 5 villas

> Echo Beach 40 are - 5 villas @ 3,75M$

> Bali-Passion - Umalas /  a 10 large BR boutiq hotel with 2 pondok wisat liscenses @ 1,5M$

> Batu Belig - 100m Beachfront / 1,3HA - 97 rooms & suites @ 45M$

> Seminyak - beachfront / 4HA - 145rooms @ 90M$


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Comment by Lord Bart-Jan Mathot of Loch ... on July 28, 2012 at 11:04pm

If one's business tactics have been proofed to be questionable, to say the least, if not bordering to an attempt to fraud, a sensible man would stay quiet, but to carry on by trying to hurt the other party by making insinuations as to that party's family, present and in the past, must be the lowest form of doing business.

If you are the sound business man as you proclaim to be Mr. Verheecke, please scan the 6 months agreement considering the 150 Ha. you claim we have and since we do not have it, it must be you that have it and it would not be a big problem for you to show that document, here on this site, within let's say the next 24 hours.

If not, I feel that you have lost all your credibility in this community, showing them who really is: The Fraud/Scammer.

Proof me wrong and post this agreement, which then all of us can verify !

After all there is a very good reason for us parting ways, as we have never made false statements to attract any potential investor.

Lord Bart-Jan Mathot of Loch Leven and Glencoe. 

Comment by Joseph Harris III on July 21, 2012 at 4:30am

Please email me at, I can help you get the money you seek for your project

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