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Need A JV Partner for your next real estate deal?

We have the perfect solution! If you currently have the property under contract and can cover the yard care and utility costs, our accredited private investors will cover the rest.

For more information about this program, please follow the link below:


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Need Funding For a Double Closing? Transactional Funding Is The Answer!

What is Transactional Funding?

Transactional Funding is a way to fund a transaction for a very short period of time at a much lower rate than a traditional hard money loan. These transactions are also known as "A-B and B-C" transactions with party "A" being the seller; party "B" the investor; party "C" the end buyer of the property. Transactional funding allows wholesalers of real estate to satisfy title company requirements for actual cash funding from all parties. In the past, many…


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The Truth About "Up Front Fees" For Project Funding

Do You Charge Any “UP-FRONT” Fees? NO!!!!!!

As Independent Alternative Lending Consultants we are paid a success fee due at closing. This fee will be included in the lender's or investor's points. If you don't get funded we don't get paid, its that simple! There are however real costs incurred by the lender or investor necessary to perform proper due diligence on your project. These fees will be required before the lender or investor funds your…


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Is there any such thing as a lender that offers funding without any fees upfront?

Lately I have been encountering clients whom think that they can acquire very substantial funding without paying any out of pocket expenses before the close of the loan.  And no I am not talking about a retainer or processing fee. I am talking about due-diligence, appraisals, insurance, etc.  Does anyone know of a funding source whom offers funding with these fees rolled into the loan?  I'm sure I already know the answer to this question but if anyone is or knows a funding source that can…


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