Need Funding For a Double Closing? Transactional Funding Is The Answer!

What is Transactional Funding?

Transactional Funding is a way to fund a transaction for a very short period of time at a much lower rate than a traditional hard money loan. These transactions are also known as "A-B and B-C" transactions with party "A" being the seller; party "B" the investor; party "C" the end buyer of the property. Transactional funding allows wholesalers of real estate to satisfy title company requirements for actual cash funding from all parties. In the past, many title companies and law firms simply allowed the end buyer's funds to close both the transactions. Laws and rules have changed and the use of the end buyer's funds for the entire transaction is no longer allowed.

The lender I represent charges a flat 4% funding fee for transactional funding services. There are no other charges to the customer.

Transactional Funding process

1.Fill out our short loan application

2.Send copies of both the A-B contract and the B-C contract to us for review. Please include any HUD/REO addendums

3.Send copies of your corporate documents if you are purchasing the property in an entity name

4.Send copies of short sale approval letter if applicable

5.Provide contact information for all parties to the transactions ("A" seller; "C" buyer;real estate agents; closing firm)

6.My source sends out approval letter after application and contracts are reviewed

7.Both transactions must close with the same firm. There are some exceptions if theproperty is an REO and the seller requires a specific closing firm.

8.My source funds 100% of your purchase price and closing costs

9.The "C" buyer's funds must be in escrow before lender funds

10.All parties close and you successfully flip the property for a profit

Transaction Sizes

My source is a fully capitalized private lender which gives them the ablity to offer transactional funding on deals up to $4,000,000 on commercial or residential transactions.

Jarrett Lovick
Independent Alternative Lending Consultant

301 887 3159

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