Our newest short hard money video: Your Mortgage or Refinance Could Be Rescued By Us:   https://youtu.be/QgCpglheXVQ

We have saved the bacon for agents, conventional lenders and their clients on multiple transactions this year, closing many of them in a week.  We have also helped many, many individuals (and families) consolidate their debts or get a loan against their existing equity. 

The fact is, people still want to buy a home despite being self-employed or even with tarnished profiles and people still look to refinance their homes to buy another property, do home improvements, get extra cash for debt consolidation, etc. 

Our alternative loan programs, know as Hard Money loans, is the only option out there if a Buyer or Borrower has been turned down by their favorite bank or savings & loans, mortgage broker or mortgage banker.  Or all of the above!

Our Bridge loan program has become more prevalent in this current lower-inventory market.  This type of creative financing we offer is a short-term loan which gets paid off with longer-term financing down the line or from a sale of a property. It basically “bridges” a Borrower from one point to the next.   Many Agents and Sellers have come to us, successfully getting this Bridge loan which enabled them to buy the house they wanted, while their earlier house was being sold.

If turned down elsewhere, we most likely can help if you or your client has a decent down payment or other equity to work with. 

Give us call today and see how we can help you: (707) 523-2099

Best, Forest & Ken – The Guys in the White Hats

Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate

Click this link for our rate sheet, showing the programs we offer: Our Hard Money Loan Programs Rate Sheet


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