Who is offering funding for Fix & Flip transactions right now?

I want to see who is still offering aggressive flip funding programs? There was a post on this site several years ago that had dozens of great responses from lenders and brokers. I want to update that by seeing who is currently offering this funding? Please let us know as I get many messages each month asking for this type of financing.

Thanks folks!


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Our related funding source FEL USA reviews, on average 30 new transactions daily with financing requests, on any new funding request transaction, they simply need the attached form completed in order to send you one of the 14 different worksheets that they use to and then determine exactly what type of financing would be available for your related funding request.

None of their worksheets ask for the client/borrowing company's name or address and neither do they contain their name or contact information at this time.

David Lee ( Introducer/Referring Agent) ; The referral service is allowed under section 1 of regulation 407/07 (Exemptions from the requirements to be licensed in Ontario, Canada)

Registered Affiliate, Independent Referring Affiliate Partner and Finance Agent

***As an independent introducing/referral agent, please do your own DD FIRST on your side before moving forward to any funding stage with the related principle(s) & other parties ***

skype : lee.david.wai.kam
Company Email : davidwklee@davidwkleeglobalfunding.com or davidwklee@consultant.com
Private Email: davidwkl@gmail.com or davidwklee@hotmail.com


FRS is a financial investment company expanding our investment portfolio through private debt financing/direct lending to business and project owners globally.

We can provide loans of up to US$900 Million with flexible repayments structure  and a lowered annual interest rate of about 3% tailored to suit borrowers.

Our team of professional financial teams are waiting to assist you in securing the appropriate financing needed. If you have been denied loans by regular banks, we are willing to undertake the financial risks and provide you with adequate financing for your projects.

We are waiting to review your executive summary and process your financing requests. Kindly contact us for more details.

email:  allen.carpen@frs-finance.com

Just curious, what do you do with the info.

Reggie Truss

Are you a business owner? Real Estate investor?
Perhaps you need funds for your personal needs.
Worry no more, we have got you covered.
Our loan programs ranges from Real Estate Investment loans including long term and short term loans for fix and flip projects, buy and hold, commercial properties etc.
Our Business loan program is design to help start-ups, grow your business, expand and asset purchases.
Need a Personal loan? Feel free to contact us.
Our rates are unbeatable, friendly, and processes are very swift and time sensitive!
Email address: info@britzagfinance.com

If you don’t need us now, we are here for your future projects…


  • Single-family residences
  • 2 – 4-unit family residential properties
  • Townhomes and condominiums
  • $75,000 – $1,250,000
  • No money down
  • 100% financing up to 70% of ARV
  • 10% interest rate on the principal
  • 9-month loan term
  • No prepayment penalties

Loans to business entities, no individuals


I provide flip funding in all 50 states. 10% down payment required and we will finance 100% of the rehab costs. Rates start at 9.25%. This is an 18 month bridge loan. Funding takes 3 to 4 weeks. Message me on Real Estate Finance to get preapproved!

Shaun Tollman

Direct lender for:

  • 1-4 unit Purchase & Rehab financing up to 90%LTC OR up to 70%LTV (min. loan $50K)
  • 1-4 unit 30 year Rental Loan financing (or cash out refi) NO TAX RETURNS/NO personal income or expenses used (min loan $75K)
  • 1-4 unit New Construction financing (build to sale OR build to rent) up to 100% of vertical costs
  • 5+ unit multifamily Purchase & Improvement financing (min loan $500K)

All of our loans are supplied to the LLC - DO NOT appear on credit reports

We lend in 30 states.

OK with multiple open loans at the same time. OK with the borrower operating in multiple states at the same time.

We prefer to lend to borrowers that have 4+ completed transactions under belt within the last 3 years.

Line of Credit options available for experienced operators poised for growth.

Min. Mid-FICO of guarantor(s) = 620




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