Every city and state is different but I know that in my city (Boise, Idaho) fix & flips are still a very popular way for investors to make money. Across the United States, who has funding for Fix & Flips? Which state has this funding?

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totally depends on the size, type of property etc. 

we look at all 50 states, but we only want serious borrowers. 


Thank You



Kathleen Smith

Harbour Equity Partners
Private Client Services, LLC

Admin Assist.  | Private Banking and Client Services

Email.    Info@SuperJumboLoans.Info     

Since both of these comments are useless and have nothing to do with Fix & Flip funding... does anyone else offer this type of financing?

I agree Amy. Of these two comments, one of them spams several posts each week with a copy/paste advertisement that rarely pertains to the discussion he is spamming. The other individual just comments for the sake of commenting and works for a company that most of the mortgage business has laughed at for many years.


I can refer you to a great Fix & Flip way:

  • No credit check
  • No income documentation
  • No down payment of 10-20%
  • No hard money loan
  • No closing costs to be paid by flipper
  • EMD assistance available (Earnest Money Deposit)
  • Nationwide

Contact uri124ch@gmail.com for details. Find, Fix and Flip the easy way!

  • These are the criteria below 50k -7 million dollar. 30 years terms. No repayment penalty and repayment can be negotiable by client if for a Balloon payment, payment for both interest and principal loan or fix pay for monthly. Got 2 interest rate 8.5% and 9.5%. 8.5% for longer term loans. 9.5% for shorter term loans. Charge 2.5-3 point depending how good is the loan contract . If you accept this terms and condition we can proceed with the paper works. Looking forward to work with you

  • If you ready to go, you are to visit the company website below and get the Pre Application form fill so i can get more insight about the deal and how to proceed to your funding. Mr Guillermo Munoz www.trustedloancorps.com info@trustedloancorps.com 858-240-9730


Could you tell me a little more about the services your corporation provides for the purchase/rehab/resale of single family homes in Alabama?  Thank you...

Sean,send me your lending criteria for both of your Programs 1 & 2 on Fix and Flip loans for some of my direct experienced flippers seeking 90% of purchase and up to 100% of Rehab cost.Send your info and lending criteria to me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com

Don Carter

Hello Sean,

I'd like to discuss your funding options for buy and flip single family properties in the Tampa Bay Florida area, how can you be reached?

Best Regards,

Derek Ahart



Amy, we are new in the business. If you can tell me what exactly you need and how it should be done (without using all the technical terms) i sure could help if it interest me. you can message me here or just send me an e-mail ramafov@outlook.com


Kindly email easyaccessloansllc@gmail.com or text 507-788-6547 for more info.

We can provide joint venture  funding up to 70% of ARV, covering 100% of purchase and rehab

NO monthly payments

NO credit required

For details go to: 




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