Who can do a 4 house blanket loan in San Fernando Valley area?

4 houses with a total value of around $3.4 million. Investor owes a total of about $1.9 million combined. Looking to refinance and get about $150k cash in hand. Credit score about 680. 2 houses in Granada Hills, one in Tarzana, the other in Van Nuys.

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Hi Anthony.

My company rolled out a new blanket loan program 2 weeks ago but unfortunately I cannot finance California. Try Ken Voss. He is a Broker in California. David Kindopp would be another good option for that state. If you need a private lender, try these guys https://realestatefinance.ning.com/profile/ForestTardibuono. Their father Forest owns a private lending firm. He is a good guy.


Hello Anthony,

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Hey Anthony, I sent you a message.

Contact David Lee and leave your email and related funding wanted information on our below website contact page for immediate evaluation:


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Why would I contact Bruce Carver if your name is Brad Hall and you are the one responding to my request? That makes no sense at all. This loan is already in process but why respond to a request with no information at all, just someone else's name and email?

Maybe he is just a marketer or "virtual assistant". Definitely not a Loan Officer. A good rule to go by: Never respond to someone without a profile picture, and never respond to someone that replies to your post offering literally no information whatsoever.


I'm direct to a Ca. REIT that might do this loan.

David Kindopp



Thank you David.

I posted this in early March and the loan is half way done. Just waiting on appraisals and final closing conditions. Owner of this website gave me your name. I will look you up in the future.


How much loan do you need, and how soon do you need the loan ?

This request was made on March 11. The loan is expected to close the first week of May.


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