There are so many scams and weird, unnecessary replies, comments, and spamming on international websites. I use and some of the other, larger websites often but I absolutely hate the constant spam and weird scams from many different countries.


Limiting this site to the United States only will not eliminate those issues completely but it will cut down on spam and scams in a big way. As this website grows and begins to get noticed on other, larger sites online, please give me your feedback to this message by replying to the blog that I have just posted by the same title.


Your feedback will be carefully considered but you must give me your response on the blog I have just posted by this exact same title on The Real Estate Finance Website. This is your chance to be heard and shape this great funding website!


Thank you so much!



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Strictly speaking  brokers and lenders are required to conduct due diligence dealing with foreign companies, business and investors, as per the Patriot act. Bankers are also required to know their clients. This all takes time and most mortgage brokers don't invest in the resources or time to evaluate potential clients or companies. Most sites have scammers both domestic or foreign, so caution has to be used regardless. That being said USA is more regulated and easier to research due to the availability of numerous data sources . Just a thought


I regret Sirs but your summary is wrong. I have within the last two weeks tried to raise funds through your web sites. In both cases the 'Funders' were US based and in both cases I regret to say that they did not meet even the most basic of standards and further investigation (given location - v - IP Address and checks through other web sites) leads me to believe that these are Scam Merchants seeking banking and personal details only!



With respect Sir this is not the answer. At the moment the GBP (British Pound) is well down on exchange rates just a month ago. So if a British Entrepreneur were looking for funding then he would require more US $ per pound and conversely in investing at this time in to a GBP project, the investor would expect to make an enlarged short term return on his investment and probably even a better return in terms of US$ over the longer term.

This is all part and parcel of making an investment. I wonder just how much George Soros has made over the last few weeks just by his machinations in the exchange rate market?? Good luck to the man. He knew or guessed what was coming and acted according to his instinct.

I do agree however that certain countries should be looked at very very carefully when looking for an investor. For myself- Irrespective of country - If someone sends you an email offering money - be ware!! If someone offers an investment with interest lows below the norm - be very aware!! International Due Diligence can be time consuming but that time is worth spending whichever side of the invest,ment coin you happen to live on.

Good Luck

David MacCallum

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