There are so many scams and weird, unnecessary replies, comments, and spamming on international websites. I use and some of the other, larger websites often but I absolutely hate the constant spam and weird scams from many different countries.


Limiting this site to the United States only will not eliminate those issues completely but it will cut down on spam and scams in a big way. As this website grows and begins to get noticed on other, larger sites online, please give me your feedback to this message by replying to the blog that I have just posted by the same title.


Your feedback will be carefully considered but you must give me your response on the blog I have just posted by this exact same title on The Real Estate Finance Website. This is your chance to be heard and shape this great funding website!


Thank you so much!



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I haven't been coming to the site for the past few months because I posted a funding request and all the replies were scam artist. Now I have received about 10 replies to the post that is 2 months old.  International  is ok there are a lot of legitimate operators out there but it would be good if the ones offering funding had to be listed on a section that they were all verified where we can see if they are on the list.

James L Kendrick

Kendrick Properties

It should be US only. Many international borrowers are asking me for 100% financing, which doesn't even exist here in the USA. Why would it be so available to other countries when we have so many challenges to get our own (local) deals financed? They are all tire-kickers. I would just keep it here in the USA. 


Make it U.S. only. Too many Scammers in the international markets and it is harder to do due diligence on the international entities. 

This website should be USA only!

I get your points, but it won't be fair to legitimate people like myself with real projects who are seeking partnerships and business relationships. I have to contend with an infinite no. of scammers, myself. I think James Kendrick made a good point in regards to verification of finance providers who are then placed on a list.

yes, I agree to limiting it to the U.S. ,,,, anything to try eliminating the nonsense posts and scams

PLEASE, limit this to the U.S. only.  Many of us have come to refer to LinkedIn as a “Shark pool” due to the growing number of scammers on it.  I have given up trying to warn folks new to the industry of what are obvious scams.  Additionally, whenever I run an ad, I immediately start getting emails from scammers.  In my 21 years of loan brokering, I have not found a single legitimate international lender, nor do I use any lenders that would lend outside the U.S or Bahamas.  It is why I rarely use LinkedIn anymore.

This website should be USA only!

I look for a sight that can deliver the solutions that I am needing to have. All my purchases are in the USA. All my purchases are within 25 miles of where I live. Do I care where the financing comes from? No. Do I care that I have to waste hours and days sifting through scams and those that want to steal my money? Absolutely. The 100% reason we all come to this and other sights like this, is to better our networking, and better our options to obtain the best financing deals. We all want to make money and none of us mind sharing the profits to those who actually prove to be a reliable funding option. Scams do one thing and one thing only, they promote mistrust. They put fear into a situation that already by itself is stressful enough. No one wants to send their hard earned money to someone and never receive anything in return or see there money again. Even performing due diligence can let a scammer take your personal information. Thats valuable as well. I vote to have this a Non-Scamming site. If you come here for funding, or to share a deal, be legit. I can guarantee if the scams were gone or kept to a minimum, this site would flourish with money making opportunities for each and every person that comes to it. I am positive there are enough Hard money and Funding companies in the USA to support this group. If your a scammer, your a thief.


Because of the incredible and continuing growth of scams and impostors in the project financing world, each of us has to do everything possible to become the smartest guy in the room. By that, I mean that each of us has to improve every day at due diligence and discernment.

Limited this site to the United States would eliminate some legitimate sources of financing, and it would make it easier for us to slack off on our responsibility to become the smartest guy in the room.

Steve, after 21 years as a loan broker, I have yet to see a single loan made by a legiimate lender outside the U.S.  What I have seen is numerous clients collectively lose millions of dollars to foreign "lenders/investors".  Two clients lost $250,000 and $300,000 to a foreign scammer.  Here is the biggest problem.  When this happens, what court do you turn to in an attempt to seek restitution?  The answer is, none!  But if you can name a legitimate lender outside the U.S. with borrower contacts to verify they received funding and by that, I mean actual phone confirmation, not bogus testimonials, I'll certainly be willing to believe there MAY be lenders outside the U.S.  Having said that, there are thousands of legitimate lenders here in the U.S. who can be easily vetted.


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