I was just wondering if any one knows the best place to get the real estate loans with the cheapest rates and a longer amortization schedule. Oh well i have come across a couple but they didn't quite give me that very thing i needed to reach my real estate goals...Until i came across the Private Real Estate Lending Group , in fact my real estate business grew so fast in weeks and has never been the same since then, its a blessing. I got loans severally form the prelgroup with a good rate of 4% and longer amortization with no credit check. Now i can reach  my real estate goals and i even bought my first home last year through the prelgroup. Awesome!! I just thought to share this wonderful experience with you guys. You can visit the website prelgroup. com .. Best of luck.


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This Prelgroup is NOT a verified lending source ? am I correct ?

It appears that this is a fake post from someone who is trying to get people to go to their website. The company may be real (not sure) but this is a weird post. Kind of a joke, really. Lets see if this person responds.

How do I become a verified lending source?
You don't. Let's see Louis... look at your profile picture on this website. Other than "I am a fake", does your picture say anything else to you? Your company description doesn't even include a company name. How exactly would the people that run this website verify THAT???
Patrick you are right. Who would borrow from someone with that profile picture and vague company description.


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