Are there any Private money lenders here?

My wife and I fix-n-flip houses. We are usually looking for around $80,000 purchase price with about $10,000 in repairs and sell price of around $ 120,000.

We have done larger houses with more spread but they take longer to sell so we are going to start doing these types of houses and more of them.

I am trying to scale our business and start doing multiple deals a month or year.

Thank You


Tesco Remodeling, LLC

Springfield, Mo

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Hi Scott.

I own this website. I set up financing for several fix & flip loans each month. Please message me at I will also send you a private message here with my direct phone number so we can talk about your plans and how I can help you.


Monty Yeager
They are not. It is what is called a scam, a lie, a false promise. It is unfortunate on a great site like this, that the scammers still find a way to appear. Run away from this guy Scott Strickland!
He is not lending anything Scott. He is pretending he can do a $10,000,000 loan in 4 days, with no credit check and loan terms from 1 year to 25 years. Its a scam. Just say NO to Richard Fairbanks which surely is not his real name.

Robert Boyd

Hi Scott.

I just saw this. I am deleting him now.


Guaranteed Approval Reginald Karney? How exactly do you guarantee approval? That would make you the first lender, if you are a lender, in the history of funding that guarantees approval. Please explain exactly how you can guarantee approval to an unemployed man with a 480 credit score, 6 tax liens, and is requesting 100% financing? Would you guarantee approval on that loan, because your advertisement above, and in other places on this website, says that you offer GUARANTEED APPROVAL.

I would also like to know how a "private investor" which is what you call yourself, can offer a loan at 5%, and would be willing to lend 100%?

Please explain!

I agree - I can't tell you how many loans that are processed and die during due diligence.

I and about every other loan broker and borrower would KILL for a lender who can guaranty a loan before seeing the docs, the property, the MSA, and so much more.

Hey ! If that's your thing, guaranteeing unseen loan scenarios God Bless You. 

The 100% thing - we only see that for a very scant few property types in top MSAs for the strongest of the strong clients. I am in awe.

Do we think he is going to respond

I hope so - I have reams of files of old loans that died on the vine from days gone by. He can help tens of thousands as Monty described - I have quite a few of those clients with LOW FICO scores, titles that are in probate, etc.

Heck I have one fellow with no job, hasn't filed taxes in eons - actually said he had a note from the IRS stating he didn't have to pay because he was sick (male bovine excretion - even DEAD people pay taxes - estate taxes that is).

Good day

I am a private lender and i give out secured and unsecured loans. I give out loans at 6% interest rate and i do 100% financing


Mobile: 805-312-9839


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