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I live here in Williamsburg,Va and I'm need of funds for real estate deals.i have missed out on about 3 good deals now due to lack of funding.im new to real estate investing and I have been hearing a lot about needing proof of funds before I can make an offer and put properties under contract. Any advice and help would be much appreciated.

I need to refinance my commercial entity which has plenty of equity looking for Private Money

Dear Sir:

I am a 66 yr. old disabled (SSDI) retiree whose real estate expertise has been mainly limited to SFR fix & flips. However, I recently incorporated a real estate investment company (LLC) with the mission statement of providing affordable housing for the low-income disabled, elderly, homeless and veterans and their families. With a partner who has been a top-notched General Contractor for 35 yrs., we now seek distressed multi-family properties requiring preferably, a total gut, so as to re-assure quality workmanship which is indicated by low repair & maintenance expenses.

Currently, we have two (2) 6-plexs' in Chicago and one (1) 8-plex in Florida, all bank-owned under contract.

If you might forward your parameters or requirements for funding consideration, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Will Wynn                                                                                                                                                                              941-235-2349                                                                                                                                   thewynngroup@gmail.com

Hello John,
I am contacting you in regards to funding for real estate projects. I believe that your rates and terms may vary; however, for your “Hard Money Loans” I imagine they are generally 65% of ARV, 2 to 5 points, 12% to 15% and 6 to 12 months. These terms are acceptable and fair to us and we look forward to building a strong business relationship with you.
Though we currently have the funds to purchase and rehab this project, we have to dedicate the funds to another rehab project already underway. Our credit score is around 820 and we have several "cash flow" properties as well. This deal is the ideal scenario in regards to a flip and we can’t pass on it.  I have attached a Presentation Packet and Deal Synopsis.
The property we have under contract is located at 829 Elmeer Drive, Metairie, LA. The purchase price is $136k and a safe ARV of $250k, and in an area of high demand where DOMs are about a month, in a city that sold about 475+ homes in the last 90 days… Below is a summary of the project.
ARV - $250,000 (very safe)
PP - $136,000
Repairs - $39,666
Profit - $54,035
ROI – 61% (6 months)
It as been a good while since we required some outside help on a project but we are confident you will find the funds based on the ARV for us in a timely manner. After all… a good business associate and friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns or instructions on the next step we need to take to move forward with this. Thanks and have a wonderful day!
Andre Dupre
Prominent Venture Homes, LLC
Cell: 228.209.5021
Fax: 1.800.473.0517

Hi John

     I am looking for some operating capitol to grow my business I will take a loan but would prefer a line of credit to use as needed. Can you help me.I also have a client looking for a loan for a house that I have under contract.

Thanks Rick Fuller

Race city houses LLC

Rick@racecityhouses.com  /  Please reply

704 699 9552

Seeking business loan/project loan in the amount of $30,000. Term is 18 months.

please email me with additional information: respanol@mail.com

thank you.


Send me info: ivel@bonaoventures.com


Could i get details on your loan program, We work on residential fix and flip projects in cape coral / fort myers, FL. area 150K range... Thanks, Bill nwmech2000@yahoo.com 


Please send info to: info@dsmgrp.com

Seeking $300K on a property valued at $480K.



I too have lost-out on many deals due to lack of funding.  I have helped others, but now I want to focus on helping myself and family.  I am more than willing to accept your terms for a favorable yield.  I only concentrate on purchasing property that is below 70% ARV to include rehab costs.  I never buy in "war zones", and never below $150,000.  I will project manage the properties we acquire to ensure timely execution.

Can you help John...would you like to partner a just a few deals?

Joe Rosa



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