I need funding for a loan sale transaction. The loan amount is approx $310,000, secured by a 1st position on a multi-tenant industrial building. The subject property is assessed at $780,000. The loan has matured and carries an 36% default rate. The investment strategy would be to foreclose, to hold the note for accruing default interest, or both.

I have over 20 years of experience in loan sales. This is a great opportunity for investors knowledgeable in commercial real estate.

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Please visit my website at http://www.samuelcthomas.com and fill out the application for funding.

Good morning Stan, 

I would be happy to help.  Been lending for almost 30 years now as a hard money broker in Sonoma County, California. 

I am only licensed for the state of California.  Where is this property located? 

Best, Forest - The Guy in the White Hat



Hello Stan Wood,

This is loan contract will can fund so let us know if you are still interested in funding?

You can contact us @



Looking forward to work with you.


Hi Stan,

I hope all well. I am not sure you saw my prior msg.

I do have lender for purchase of NPN.

Contact me.    thecashflowanswer@gmail.com


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