My name is Diego Sanchez. I am a commercial mortgage broker. I just wanted to let all of you know that we have a new Fix & Flip program for all of you with deals in California. This is only available in CA but we can do loan amounts from $250,000 up to $3,000,000. Funding in about 15 days.

Payments interest only? Yes!

Up to 85% LTV? Yes!

Available to new investors? Yes!

12 and 18 month terms? Yes!

Prepayment penalty? No!

I am here to help! Just message me here on real estate finance. Let's talk about getting your deal financed right now!

Diego Sanchez Jr.

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Do you have a NMLS license in California? If you do, I may have a deal for you. Message me!


Hi Diego.

I tried to call and text you this morning. Can you please give me a call about your new rehab program you have listed here? I know you have my contact info. I have a deal I would like to submit to you!

Anthony Neal

Just called and left you a voice message. Sorry for the delay. I will be available the rest of the day if you get a moment Anthony.


This sounds like a great program. I recently closed on my first investment property and will be buying another later this year. The only issue is that properties in California are just so expensive compared to most other states. The property I purchased was in Arlington, Texas. I had down payment money and verifiable reserves along with a credit score close to 800. Somehow it took nearly two months to purchase this duplex. I was promised 90% financing but that changed, first to 85% and then to 80%. Luckily the lender did fund the entire $32k of rehab funds and we will be starting that work next month. I was first told 8.75% but things kept changing and I ended up at 12.99%. I explain this tough deal because I am wondering if I will be able to use your problem in states other than California? I am going to be looking at properties in Texas, South Carolina, and probably Florida this summer as I build up my investment portfolio. If your 85% program is available in the states I mentioned above, please PM me so we can discuss.

Thanks Diego.



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