Looking to finance 8 unit multifamily purchase near Tampa, Florida

Off market property. Price is $1,420,000. I can put 20% down if needed. Credit score 686 on Experian. I am an experienced Investor and currently own my current home, my vacation home, 2 rental homes and a 4 unit multifamily. I also own a small portfolio of office space in Florida and Texas.

I have until Aug. 27 to show the seller proof LOI (preapproval). I do not go through banks because I currently have 3 mortgages and 2 auto loans on my credit report. I would like to use a conventional lender for long term funding but I will consider other options.

Dan Davidson

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Hello Dan.

My name is Shaun Tollman. I broker real estate funding in every state. I would be happy to help you finance this purchase. You can message me here on Real Estate Finance or email me at shaunt@corporatefinancial.com.

Good morning Daniel. I specialize in multifamily funding and have a great list of lenders that allow me to offer you the lowest interest rates available. I do several multifamily loans each month and have the experience and work ethic to do a great job for you on your upcoming Tampa Bay purchase.

Please message me direct here on The Real Estate Finance Website. 

Lisa Verholtz

* If you need a top notch reference that will vouch for my funding capability, just message Admin (the blue logo) and speak with the owner of this website.

Wow! 2 replies and 5 private messages in an hour. Thank you for your responses, especially the PM's. I am going to give Lisa Verholtz an opportunity to provide financing for this purchase. Thanks to all!


Please complete our attached ECF client application for Funding form in its entirety, attach the relevant project documents, and return it to David Lee for immediate perusal so that we can immediately contact our relevant lending source and take appropriate action.

Hello Daniel,

I saw your post for financing.  I am  a commercial mortgage broker and I can help get you deal done. Let me know if you would like me to work on your deal for funding. I can be reached by rong@havilahfundingnetwork.com or by phone (662) 546-0811. Let me know, Thanks!

Hi Dan, if you haven't found funding yet, feel free to email me at drice@velocitymortgage.com. We're a non-QM lender and may be able to assist. Best if lluck!

@Wright_Finance #privatelender text call +1 (540) 617-2001 or mail me #quickcashunlimited@outlook.com


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