Looking for a $10 Million USD Debt Equity Loan to purchase and renovate a Historic Hawaii Entertainment Venue.

Seeking $10 Million USD in Debt Equity Structure 75/25 with a fixed rate of 4.5% interest, no upfront fees, no prepayment penalties with an exit of the debt portion calculated to be done by end of year six and an exit of the equity portion by the end of year eight to give us full ownership.

Market is Hawaii with over 7 million tourists per annum within a five minute walk of the venue.

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Christ, this is a deal i could make happen for you if you are still interested in funding? 

You can contact me directly at 



Mr Guillermo Munoz 


Looking forward to hear from you. 

Well Chris you are not going to get an outright loan of this sort anywhere with those conditions. Except you're issued an SBLC that will be monetised and I know who can do this for you. If you still want to keep this way, I am sure in the next 2 years this post will still be here and you've still not found any Lender. Let me know if you need anything. 

Chris, send me a brief summary.  I think we can do this, but I need more info.  Hope to hear from you.

Reggie Truss


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