Is there anyone on this site offering loans without up front fees, is loan insurance a part of the loan package.

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Hello David,

No upfront fees here!  Maybe you will need to pay for an appraisal or BPO but that's on a case by case.

Please e-mail me your financing needs at

Best Regards,


Mr David,

Greetings from me. If i can give answers to your ad, honestly anyone telling you a loan can be acquired without charges then he/she isn't a lender. Yes we charge for loan but only on closing because we make use of escrows in all our transaction. Sir, I won't compel you to apply for a loan with my company i'm a private money lender located here in the States, if you so wish to give this a try then you can write me up or call my number so we can discuss more about our loan services. 

God Bless...

Jeff Stewart

(650) 797-1960

We are drawing your attention to LEGACY FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS LLC.
A private lender and a commercial investor based in Atlanta , Georgia ..
I am looking to connect with clients and serious minded investors who are in need of loan and funding for their deals, we offer all kind of loans
such AS secured and unsecured, fix n flip,Value or ARV of the Property, business loans, real estate loan, rehab etc at an affordable interest rate of 4.5%per annul with no prepayment penalty.
We also lend to some other countries,
Please get back to us so that we can proceed, with sending you our terms and conditions form.


(678) 783 4417

Email :

Thanks for getting back to me, I need your private email so we can chat.

David A. Sims

Email me at

Email your requirements to:

Give us a call and or email 919-678-7022



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