I'm running across a lot of scams these days, If your offering loans with without up front fees, please contact me sims_david35@hotmail.com.

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I need a personal unsecured loan that does not have an upfront fee.

I'm seeking an 10 yr. 4% fixed interest only non recourse asset based loan w/no upfront fees, points built into the loan, no prepayment penalties, no doc no personal guarantee funding for the following:

Family Dollar

Purchase Price: $1.3m

NOI: $107,518

Cap rate: 6.25%

Lease Type: NNN with 15yrs. remaining (with 6 five year lease options with rent increases @ 5%)

Lease Expiration: 2032

Turnkey, tenant responsible for all maintenance, taxes, landscape, CAM, roof, HVAC, & structure

Please contact me @ mobiletax@usa.com if you have funding options that either meet or closely meet this request. Thank you

Do you find it difficult looking for a hard money or private money lender to finance your deal which you have been longing to close? Does your closing date ticks around and wish you had someone to help finance that deal? Or Tired of dishonest lenders out there? Then you have to consider working with one of my private money lenders.
So if you have a deal under contract or deals you are looking out, let me know and I may help you achieve your real estate financial freedom.Feel free to contact me so we can work towards achieve it. Contact me for more information on,
REI Independent Agent.
Los Angeles, CA

I need a personal unsecured loan that does not have an upfront fee.

I need a personal unsecured loan.

Kimberly are you still looking for a personal unsecured loan? How is your credit? I would be interested in speaking to you further.

My credit score is around 570.  I can provide paystubs to verify my income.

David what type of financing are you looking for? I may be able to help. I am direct to a nationwide fix and flip and rental property financing lender.

To answer your question there are many lenders who don't charge upfront fees. You will be responsible for third party fees though like appraisal fees which are paid out of pocket up front. I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck in finding financing for your projects. 

Contact me sims_david35@hotmail.com


I am looking for a personal unsecured loan with an upfront fee.

If you have a business doing over $10,000 a month in revenue, we can help.


Kimberly, i can make your deal happen if you are still interested in funding. 

You can reach me below at 




Looking forward to hear from you. 



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