I'm running across a lot of scams these days, If your offering loans with without up front fees, please contact me sims_david35@hotmail.com.

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Hello David, 

Is your loan contract is still available?  You can reach me at



We offer 85-90% funding.

Looking forward to hear from you.


I agree with you.  If you find someone who gives a loan without an upfront fee please contact me at frock741@hotmail.com Thanks!

Yes I'll contact you.


Hi Kim, if you are looking for a lender offering no-point loans, please contact me for more information.  Good luck! Natalie 617-833-1565 or ndumont@bofi.com

Hi Daivd, I represent a federal bank. We are a commercial portfolio lender. Not only do we not charge origination points, we offer PAR pricing to direct clients, and pay undisclosed rebates to brokers, if a broker is involved in the transaction. Please contact me for more information.  Good luck! Natalie 617-833-1565 or ndumont@bofi.com

Natalie, could you give me an idea of the types of projects you can fund and to what dollar amount?

Thank you,  I can be reached at norm@infinityccg.com

Norman Johnston

Infinity Commercial Capital Group   

Hi Norman, thanks for your interest.

We fund income properties - multi-families (2-200 units), apt buildings, offices, retail, student housing, light industrial, foreign nationals. Loan amounts up to $20M with most competitive pricing for loans of $300K-$5M. 

I sent you an email with some info. Please feel free to call me if you have questions. 617-833-1565




     Do you do personal unsecured loans?

Unfortunately, not.  Good luck!

Hi Natalie, I will like to show your group a Caribbean based townhouse development project based in the Bahamas. Is such a project possible?

Email owjmurray@hotmail.com.


We offer loans without up front fees.  Please send me a scenario that requires funding.

Steve  Richman

Robb Capital

Contact me sims_david35@hotmail.com



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