My company is looking for a loan facility of $16,550.000 for an existing Hotel based in Sydney New South Wales, can provide full documentation, and shall offer the 1st Mortgage over the property as security for the loan. Please read the attached documents as they will give a clear picture of the project

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Hey Alan,

How much cash down are you bringing into the transaction?

Nick Hubbard | Managing Partner


o: 314-252-0299


Allen Carpen 

Global Head, Operations | FRS Financial Services

Stiegstraße 14 6830 Rankweil,



T +45 787 73391  | +45 787 23133

send the documents for review 

I am solely responsible for investment and loan funds through a diversified investment strategy, targeting positive capital returns through a global expansive portfolio, hence their interest in seeking possible collaboration with a capable private individual or firm globally.

Loan Arranger Limited intends to invest the sum of €1,000,000,000.00 (One Billion Euros) in areas of agriculture, mining, manufacturing, Aviation, construction, Real estates etc, as well as any business you consider viable with good return on Investment (ROI). We are ready to invest in project developments and business ventures that can generate at least 5% Annual Return on Investment (ROI) per annum.

We will be glad to partner with you in any viable project initiative within our scope of funding. If interested please write to me for possible business collaboration, you can send us an email on;

Kind regards,

John W. Muritu
Investment Fund Manager
Loan Arranger Limited
29 Cuthbert Road, Croydon Surrey
United Kingdom.
Phone: +44(745)127-2298
Fax (978) 806 2832
Incorporation Date: 26-Nov-1997


How much total funding for the three projects would you say you are seeking? When you have a minute could you let me know. I maybe able to assist you, the lender seeks large deals to fund in the $300M range. The projects can be combined for funding purposes is why I ask. You can send your response to




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