Joint Venture Partners and Lenders Needed for Excellent Returns on Distressed Acquisitions!

First, I have been in this business for 30 years with an exceptional history and hands on experience! I have multiple deals, but for the sake of getting your attention I will list two opportunities of many. 

1. Fred's Store 16,000 s.f., $725,000, NOI $90,000, (Nasdaq FRED), this is an excellent long term tenant, no rehab, I have a loan set up for 30 years at 10% for 65% of the appraised value, I need the difference and will pay 9% return on the investment plus a JV percentage on the equity which will be negotiable. I am close to the property and will manage it. The value of the property should be $900,000-$1,000,000 day of closing. 

2. Frito-Lay leased 9000 sf warehouse, $375,000, NOI $47,000, great long-term tenant. Property value should be near $500,000 day of closing, no rehab. Need 20% from an investor which I will pay 9% plius and equity stake in the deal. 

Both will have an exit strategy for the investor from 13-36 months at your choice. 

I also have several 60% lease commercial office and medical facilities which are in the $2MM range or higher which will nearly pay the debt service with 40% left to rent, then sell them at $1,000,000 profit as stabilized properties, they all have excellent long-term tenants now. Same scenario as above, 9% on your investment plus equity stake and guaranteed exit from 13-36 months. 

I am a Certified Appraiser, Realtor, Inspector, Contractor, Experienced property manager, due diligence, construction components, finance and have started several businesses. You will be in good hands with all arrangements openly discussed. 

Randy Hinkle


Due to confidentiality of the purchases specific information will need to be requested. 

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