If there is a way to get your deal funded, I'll find it!

I have been in lending for more than 30 years, have authored 7 finance related manuals, appeared on dozens of talk shows, written a national column in a mortgage newspaper, and closed millions in loans.

My company, JRid Capital Resources, is fully staffed to handle a broad range of loans.  I have a contract attorney and an international accountant on my staff.  We thoroughly pre-underwrite every loan prior to accepting that borrower as a client.  We are in the business of getting things done, not wasting time on deals which are not capable of being approved as presented.  However, our analysis will provide you and your client the necessary feedback to enable you to take the necessary steps in order to gain approval.

Our only goal is to help YOU get deals done.  I have the know-how, the correspondent relationships (and they give references), and the staff you can rely on to make you $.  When needed, I can call senior underwriters at home for answers...over our years of association, we have become friends.  Isn’t that what you are looking for…a source who is the “right” source?  For years I looked for someone like me…and now…I’m the guy I was looking for.  I’ll gladly be the source YOU are looking for as well.

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Do you lend on Muti-family properties

Jeffrey B. Freis, President
Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc.
Tel: 914 967-9235
Fax:914 798-6670

Hi, Jeff.  The answer is yes and no.  Our minimum lending amount is $500K.  That being said, sure.  We're getting in the mid-4's to mid-5's.  There are a number of things, as I'm sure you know, that will come into consideration.  We deal primarily with pension, hedge, and trust funds as well as private banks and wealth management companies.  We will review your opportunity and determine the best fit for your needs.  If we feel we can be successful, we are willing to invest our time in your transaction in order to get you a proper offer for your transaction and/or circumstances.


1. How much capital is being sought?  $460.000 total 2. What is the purpose of the loan?  $16,500 deposit, Bal of $316.500 for purchase and $110,000 rehab hard money My name is Carole L Singh, owner of Pioneer Valley Development Company, Inc. I have a Sales Promise Contract for a beautiful waterfront multi building and boat dock property in Puerto Rico.
THIS PROPERTY IS A BOATER'S OR FISHERMANS DREAM ! What is included for your investment? 1/4 ownership of this property
We are offering a unique opportunity to own a piece of a special tropical paradise surrounded by trees and clear blue water. This is the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd property, of a row of private waterfront houses on the south western coast of Puerto Rico. These types of properties are very seldom in the market and tend to stay in the families from generation to generation. The feeling here is very nice and relaxed, serene.
This will be the perfect spot for a fishing charter business and conversion to condos or time shares due to it's very close proximity to the Ponce borderline, and less than 1 minute from road #2. Just imagine the very beautiful view from your own observation balcony on the roof of your waterfront beach house.
This property includes: The land, The waterfront rights, And following amenities: A large "U" shaped wood dock with 2 - 24' size boat lifts. An "as is" beach house which will be rehabbed. A 4 unit apartment building has outside encapsulates asbestos panels. The interior of the property is asbestos free and needs some sprucing up. A 24' size boat fits perfectly for boat lift use. A beach house right over the water with an open kitchen, dining, living area and 2 bedrooms with bath, waterfront porch and lookout terrace on top towards the water. An additional dock with boat ramp, and several docks for smaller boats
The 1ST property has 450 square meters including the water rights, land has 180 square meters. The 2ND AND 3RD property immediately next has deeded 325 square meters, but with the water rights totals 1,200 square meters. Both properties for a total of approximately 1,650 square meters. I need down payment today...my funding source is dragging her feet and playing games is if she wants me to loose this deal....
Then we will need purchase funding in 90 days of $315,000 for 10% interest for 12 months and rehab funding of $110,000 also payable 10% interest for 12 months with no pre payment penalties. Finally we need to convert all to a single mortgage for 30 years or less at 5% interest as soon as all rehab is finished.
Thank You, Carole Singh
P.S. I have a portfolio of properties that need the exact process of funding as I am requesting here, 4 of which have accepted offers. I have a Powerpoint presentation for details of the purchase and improvements to the property Carole L Singh, Pioneer Valley Development Company, Inc.  (413) 330-0749  clsingh2004@aol.com

What is your minimum Loan?

Jeffrey B. Freis, President

Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc.
Tel: 914 967-9235
Fax:914 798-6670

Dear Joel,

I have 3 X Bed and Breakfast businesses, 1 X luxury executive residence with self contained luxury apartment, all located in the historic 19th century tourist city of Fremantle, and a 58 unit apartment block (fully let) located adjacent to Edith Cowan University in the city of Joondalup - all located within the capital city of Perth, Western Australia, Australia.

I am seeking a loan of $12.5million US Dollars to fund this proposal.

My email is: revjoy1@telstra.com

Can you assist?

Hey Joel,

I wrote to you last week and have yet to receive a reply from you. Does this indicate you are not able to support or not interested in my proposal?

Can you please advise.

email: revjoy1@telstra.com

Thank you,

Jonathan Joyce.


$500,000.00  PURCHASE

$250,000.00  REHAB

$150,000.00 INVENTORY

$100,000.00 SOLAR ARRAY


Frank, we focus our efforts in the private arena.  There is no funding for inventory and solar array.  We can only finance the purchase and rehab - assuming you have sufficient "skin" in the game.  Our minimum loan amount is $500K.  I sent you an e-mail message inviting you to contact me direct.  If, after reading this reply, you wish to speak further, feel free to respond via phone.

I am interested in purchasing two properties in the western PA area.  They are foreclosures and priced well below FMV.  Both properties are in need of repairs.  The total amount of funding needed for both properties is $80,000 which includes amounts needed for repairs.  The ARV for both properties combined is approximately $140,000.  I am looking to buy and hold one and fix and flip one. 

I would appreciate details and I can provide details on both properties.

Thank you,

John P. Suprano

John, we are only doing commercial properties.  Our minimum loan is $500K.

We represent the interest of a major real estate development group looking for $80mm bridge to complete their $300mm hotel project abroad. The project is 85% completed.


Please feel free to contact us if this is of interest. mm@forefrontgroup.com


I need a $20M deal sourced, contact me ASAP.



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