If there is a way to get your deal funded, I'll find it!

I have been in lending for more than 30 years, have authored 7 finance related manuals, appeared on dozens of talk shows, written a national column in a mortgage newspaper, and closed millions in loans.

My company, JRid Capital Resources, is fully staffed to handle a broad range of loans.  I have a contract attorney and an international accountant on my staff.  We thoroughly pre-underwrite every loan prior to accepting that borrower as a client.  We are in the business of getting things done, not wasting time on deals which are not capable of being approved as presented.  However, our analysis will provide you and your client the necessary feedback to enable you to take the necessary steps in order to gain approval.

Our only goal is to help YOU get deals done.  I have the know-how, the correspondent relationships (and they give references), and the staff you can rely on to make you $.  When needed, I can call senior underwriters at home for answers...over our years of association, we have become friends.  Isn’t that what you are looking for…a source who is the “right” source?  For years I looked for someone like me…and now…I’m the guy I was looking for.  I’ll gladly be the source YOU are looking for as well.

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I am an investor who owns six single-family residences in upstate New York, and have been having a very difficult time trying to refinance them due to current bank rules. Can you help me find a lender that does not have to follow the guidelines that apparently prohibit a bank from lending to anyone who owns more than four properties?

Yes you will need to go to private funding sources to for your funding needs . If you call my office I mat be able to help you with your finding needs. I have many funding options opens to offer.

Edward Tuggle Independent Private Consultant Private Funding Placement For Large And Small Projects Credit Repair Consulting Creative Financing Structuring Creative Acquisition Of Problem Properties Showing People How To Earn A Good Passive Income Working Part Time My Having A Very Much Need Services Office 281-599-9954

Hi, Eric.  First, I would encourage you to create an Executive Summary of exactly what you are looking for.  That would include amortization term requested (you might consider giving a range, if it can work for you financially), maximum rate you can accept (in order to remain profitable from a cash-flow standpoint), and points you are willing to pay.  Now, you have a submittable offer.  Once you have such a document, you are welcome to contact me with the document for review as to the possibility of their being any type of loan I, or one of my colleagues, might be aware of in the private sector.  It is really a difficult area you are seeking funding in with the new economy evolving.   Since bank regulations have changed so dramatically since 2008, I am seeing so many former bankable commercial deals it is really time-consuming to have to create a different vehicle for deals.  Each fund we work with is evolving as well which clouds the picture even more and requires much more due diligence (time) than before when underwriting guidelines were more definable.  You are welcome to contact me directly at 719-648-9590.  I love what I do so feel free to contact me over the week-end (except Sunday AM and during a Bronco's game).




Will you lend for single-family home deals?  I buy at or below 65% of After-Repair-Value.  Your loan would be very secure.    I market to motivated sellers with distressed properties.  If interested, please email me at: AkronHomes AT iCloud.com



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Joel, I am interested in speaking with you about a real estate loan.

Please contact me at stokestw@gmail.com

Thomas Stokes

Hi Thomas

Call my office I would like to know more about your funding request.

Edward  Tuggle Funding Consultant Office 281-599-9954.

I am contacting you on behalf of my buyer - they need funding asap!   Their funding fell just fell thru an hour ago due to a new bank rule and they have been pre-approved for 6 months and supposed to close on the 21st!

Thank you so much,



Frances Allen, Realtor

Commercial & Residential RE Investments

Main Street Realty International

Windermere FL


Hi Frances .

Useful information.

Office/Fax 281-599-9954 Cell 281-704-0115 etuggle859@sbcglobal.net

You really need to chick my web site out www.Tvcmatrix.com/katy1954 Good passive income VERY LITTLE WORK. I can also set you up as a credit repair agent so you can help people get there credit repaired  so they  can get a mortgage. Or you can give them to me and every I get them singed up in our credit repair program after they sing up I will pay you $50:00 in a finders fee. If you know mortgage brokers that can't write a mortgage for people that are trying to get a mortgage I will place them into my credit repair program and in 12 to 48 months I will have them ready for a mortgage and the mortgage broker that could not write the them up when they are ready I will contact that mortgage broker and let them that past client can now get a mortgage because they now have good credit. Give me your E-mail address I want to send you some information. Edward Tuggle Independent Private Commercial Funding Placement Credit Repair Consulting. Office/Fax 281-599-9954 Cell 281-704-0115

hi Joel,

Can I interest you to Singapore?

I am working on a industrial unit right now and is seeking 80% funding for its acquisition. Planned exit in 3yrs.

Appreciate you time

Deals in the USA are beginning to get wings and get done.  Frankly, there is sooooo much business here that I'm not doing much internationally.  I'll gladly review a small summary but won't promise you much, yet.


hi Joel,

Added you as a friend so that I may send you a summary for your review.








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