I have a 22,000 sq ft commercial building free and clear need financing

Looking for a private lender for my free and clear building my building is worth 700k I need 200k for working capital looking to close quick no brokers please.

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Where is this located Shawn? 

I am a Hard Money Lender in Northern CA since 1988 but am only licensed for this state.  

Best, Forest

Owner/Hard Money Broker - The Guy in the White Hat


Hi Shawn,

Could you provide the location of the property you wish to cash-out on? The amount request is well within our small balance range and we may be able to assist you with financing. Feel free to forward the basic details on the property to me directly so I can let you know if it would be of interest or not.

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My company, ReCasa Financial Group, may be able to help you. We offer rehab loans to real estate investors. We offer 100% financing and free prequalification. Call us today at 614.221.6770!

Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc.is a private investment bank with an active real estate finance division. Contact me for your funding needs.

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