looking for funds to do real estate with. we own 20 rentals with over 500,000 in equity.  mike 5132576118

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Hey folks. And Russ...  David Kindopp here. Real estate mtg broker in California for over 30 years - license number 00399924. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO JASON DILLARD IS. Lorie - I suggest you get your stories straight before you call me a "scam." There is a thing called libel you know.

I am going to ask the owner of this site to look into your false accusations. If someone has "hacked" my profile we will find out - but I suggest you cease and desist with your derogatory remarks.

David KIndopp

Lori. I did not send you an e-mail "out of the blue." I don't do that... You can look me up on the California Bureau of Real Estate website lic number 00399924. No disciplinary actions in over 35 years...

Really? Here is a screenshot of the email you sent me. 


All I can say is. if this is not you, then someone is acting as you. 

I received an email from you. So I started looking it up to see if I had made prior contact with you and  hadn't. So I started looking for you online and found your profile on here. Then I found your photo, phone number, etc associated with multiple profiles. Some of which had no photo but had same phone and such. 

If you are not a scammer, I suggest you figure out who using you because people on this board get scammers enough to know to research people. I am sure I will not be the only one who finds this information. 

I appreciate the screen shot. I'm going to send it to admin here. I have been hacked. Why the heck don't you call attention to this kind of stuff to admin before you accuse people?

David KIndopp

Because we would be calling the admin constantly. Like I said, the majority of the people on here trying give people loans are scammers. Its pretty easy to spot them once you know what to look for. Your profiles are typical of scammers. And BTW, every single one of them say they are not scammers when they are called out. They either do just like you are and claim they know nothing about the other profiles or else they just disappear. 

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